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    Great, safe hotel during the pandemic. Comical prices once you're here...

    Reviewed by flyllllllllguy(Loughborough, United Kingdom) on Sep 16, 2020

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    We arrived from the UK and awaited our negative test results in a great room with amazing views, service and room service. The reception staff have been very helpful during this time where a lot of hotel facilities and surrounding businesses are closed. The beach is great. Some feedback and a warning for new guests - The only thing that has spoilt the stay a little is obtaining food, drinks and particularly water for drinking from the Hilton. Fancy a couple of local beers from the bar? (Close to 25 USD), small club sandwich from the cafe (17.50 USD), water (4 USD) and so on). The prices on the breakfast menu are comical (5 USD for a muffin etc.) if you don't have this included. If you ask for water you will get directed to the local petrol station, a 15 min walk in the heat. Prices have almost doubled since 4 years ago. I saw 3 guests collecting take-out food including ourselves from the lobby yesterday evening - it seems people are finding it equally unaffordable once here. If the facilities were affordable they were be used a lot more.

    Family 80th birthday

    Reviewed by T2645TDjuliaa() on Sep 11, 2020

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    The front desk clerks were extremely wonderful. The person who checked me in was name Katrina W. I had a dream I have a room with view of the beach in 405. She worked tirelessly to make that happen. The food and amenities were awesome!!! Thank you so much for making our trip memorable! Blessings??

    Could be so much better

    Reviewed by Y7498ZAanthonyd() on Sep 10, 2020

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    Stayed at this Hilton in February with my wife and two boys. As a basis of comparison, we have also stayed the Seafire on Grand Cayman, the Raddison on Grenada, and other hotels on St. Martin and Florida. The location of the Hilton Barbados is second to none. Surrounded by beaches that offer snorkeling and surfing, and walkable to Bridgetown and Historic sites. The island of Barbados is magnificent, clean, safe with great people and a proud culture. At the Hilton the personnel were professional and friendly. As an example, my boys followed an employee around the grounds looking for stranded baby sea turtles, and they found one and returned it to the sea. An incredible experience. So why the one star rating? Because this hotel could be 5 stars with some critical improvements, and I am hoping management reads this. First, there is just too much concrete and not enough landscaping on the patio areas. The upper pool is uninviting and rarely used by anyone. One of the outdoor showers was closed and was taped off and in dire need re-furbishing. The historic structures on the property should be better maintained and even highlighted. For example: the historic lighthouse on the property is used to store patio chairs and umbrellas. Why not put historic photos on exhibit inside it instead? Cannons are tossed into the ocean for use as a breakwater. Why not move those cannons around the upper pool? As you walk around the expansive grounds, it just doesn't feel loved. It feels like management stopped caring. As for the rooms and food: We stayed at the Ixora Superior room and it was worth the extra price. The restaurants need work, the food should be much better, but nothing to complain about. We will be visiting this Hilton again after the pandemic, so Hilton, please stop neglecting this gem of a hotel, and put the slack time during the pandemic to good use.

    Friendly Staff but F&B is awful

    Reviewed by marka0411(Birmingham, United Kingdom) on Sep 06, 2020

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    First I would like to say the staff were amazing, and so friendly, and our room had everything we needed. The hotel is tired and lacking the sparkle you anticipate, despite the amazing views. The only real source of disappointment surrounds F&B, and what I would describe as missing the customer journey. There was only one restaurant open. We stayed at Hampton London Gatwick the night prior to our flight and had a croissant based takeaway breakfast. Our flight meals were all bread based on BA. We checked in to the hotel and wandered to the only restaurant open to find a menu of 2 starters, 4 mains and 2 desserts. where 3 of the 4 main courses were all bread, (burgers and a club sandwich). Not inspiring, and as we learned from 2 further dinner experiences the menu did not change, and if it did it was minor alterations. Surely if resources are limited more flexibility/theming could have been provided in the same space. On the second time we tried, again same menu but tried the warm chocolate brownie with coconut ice cream, which was served cold and no ice cream. On the third and final time we dined there, we asked about the chocolate brownie to be told that it’s served cold and with chocolate ice cream. Why present a menu of what had 8/9 dishes in total that do not reflect what you get. The club sandwich was served on a baguette and not the ciabatta as described. With so few options they have to be pretty good in terms of quality and content. Sadly neither. Breakfast which was served, was always outside not inside when you spend most of your time fending off birds, and there were more of them than guests. Even on days when it was very windy, the only option was to sit outside, and we saw guests take food to their rooms. Whilst the hot food option changed daily to a small degree, there were always items that were not available, not one fried egg on the 2 or 3 occasions it was on the menu. The food was very rarely warm let alone hot. There was no bar to speak of? We went to get a drink after cuppa cafe (12-4pm, Mon to Thurs) closed but before the restaurant opened but was not offered to come in and drink, but ended up taking them away to consume elsewhere. Is this normal for this time of year? If you had breakfast and wandered down pool side for some sun you would have to wait for the pool bar to open at midday (only available Friday to Sunday) before you could buy a drink, even water. Given the heat and humidity to buy some water or other cold beverage should be a given at any time? The food menu never changed at the pool bar (surprise surprise) and had more bread menu items. The baby kale Caesar salad which my wife mainly ate came 3 times without the kale or bacon but a lettuce substitute? When you have a very limited offering you have to ensure it’s right. The same can be said of Cuppa cafe which opened on the other days the pool bar wasn’t, at the same time, which if you did not want a panini, you could have Caesar salad again. There was very little labelling in terms of food packaging. We do not have food allergies but thought this would be relevant. COVID-19 has had an effect on everyone, and we did not come with unrealistic expectations, having our our original travel dates cancelled, but we ate out most nights of the time we were here. Had the food offering been remotely more interesting or indulgent, we would have gladly dined at the hotel most of the time. For the most part the food was pre prepared, uninspiring and luke warm at best, and certainly not to any expectations of a Hilton Hotel we have come to know in the UK or internationally. When we dined out the restaurant’s were relatively busy with substantial menus, delivering food as per the menu, and served hot where they were meant to be. The hotel is tired, set in a great location with very friendly people. If you are hoping for a resort property then you maybe sadly disappointed. Barbados is pretty expensive especially for dining, which just heightens your expectations, and outside the hotel there are some really good restaurants within a 30 minute walk or 10 minute taxi. Naru, Salt Cafe, Jakes, Buzo’s and Tapas are all really good. The Bonfire Bau dessert at the Salt Cafe is amazing. I think Hilton Barbados should take a visit to check these out for inspiration, not that we saw any Management or Chefs during our time. If you are going to re-open as a hotel, given the restrictions that come with Covid-19, then it must feel like it’s open with quality you would naturally expect of Hilton. Very disappointed Would suggest bringing a thermometer as we had to submit twice daily temperatures as part of the Covid-19 controls.

    Not the usual Hilton standard

    Reviewed by Hotelguestbob92() on Sep 05, 2020

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    We booked a last minute holiday to Barbados after the 2020 global situation and it being on the travel corridor for the UK. There were few hotels open on the island so we opted for the Hilton given its usually a safe bet and after looking on the website it looked like it had loads of great bars/ restaurants and tennis courts. Unfortunately this Hilton was not of the usual Hilton standard. Some of this seemed to be due to Covid 19 changes / cost cutting due to the hotel being very quiet this included: - Not enough staff on and the staff working seemed to be doing double jobs. A few examples of why this was an issue are; 1) at breakfast we often waited 45 mins + for a cappuccino (on the days when they didn’t run out of coffee beans) and 2) on our first night we were placed in quarantine due to a mix up with our covid results we called for room service and they never returned our call for 1.5 hours at which point we were exhausted and asleep and were shocked that we were not even given bottled water. - On arrival the whole place just looked tired and unkept, the beach was totally over grown and had no sun loungers on it like the pictures instead had bins which had blown over scattered across the beach and weeds/ long grass growing out the sand. We spend no time of this beach. - The pool was vile, needed a good clean out I saw someone trying to do this but never a pleasure to get into. Also no one took care of sweeping around the sun beds and there was often straws/ fruit general rubbish around the sunbed and left for days. - Due to low capacity the pool bar wasn’t open for lunch and drinks part of the week therefore you either had to go to this little coffee shop on site or buy your own. Coffee shop was overpriced for the quality and grab and go nature. When the pool bar was open which is only Friday’s to Sunday’s (this is not clear on the website) the pool has music and a great atmosphere and does incredible cocktails. - They seem to have a bug/ mosquito issue in the room as we have never been bitten so much in our life even with the highest deet spray. Rooms were fine and taxi service was a great service and we couldn’t fault Jason our taxi driver. Gym was also amazing and the tennis courts and club was absolutely brilliant with the most amazing coaches. However, it doesn’t say on their website that they are currently not hiring rackets or balls so make sure you take your own. They started to clean up the hotel and beach on our last day which is good to see but our time in the hotel was most disappointing.