Turtle Bay Resort

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Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Reviewed by Cindy F(Boston, Massachusetts) on Mar 29, 2020

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    This was one of the best vacations we have ever taken! Turtle bay is absolutely wonderful!! It is beautiful, everyone is nice and there are lots of activities to do. The room was great, we were on the vista floor, the breakfast was wonderful, we looked forward to it every morning. So glad they had lots of almond milk!

    Outdated and overpriced

    Reviewed by 380tamyac() on Mar 29, 2020

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    We stayed at Turtle Bay on our honeymoon briefly and were very disappointed. The reviews weren't great but we thought we would give it a shot regardless. Our room smelled quite old and musty to the point where it made my stomach upset so we tried a different one-- same problem. The staff were helpful but at the end of this day this hotel is past its prime, I'd suggest a vacation rental to check out the North Shore. If you're expecting a beautiful well maintained resort, this isn't it.

    Amazing hotel

    Reviewed by polygirl55(Fort Lauderdale) on Mar 27, 2020

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    There was not one thing I could say that needed improvement. There was so much attention to detail. The staff were so professional and kind. The food and drinks were top quality and tasty. The view from the rooms were breathtaking. The pool was heated. Free snorkeling gear were provided if needed at one of their private beaches. What I truly loved the most were the many hiking trails and the turtles at the end of one of the hiking trails. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

    Poor business practices

    Reviewed by LDR2462(Lyons, Colorado) on Mar 25, 2020

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    Our reservation was from 3/22/2020-3/26/2020, obviously during the Covid-19 crisis. Upon arrival, we realized many cancellations had been made due to the sparseness of visitors. We were given a room upgrade, which was appreciated, but mind you, all amenities were not provided with the upgrade, so not much of a big deal. My problem is the decision made by the owners to close the resort due to financial reasons because of the inability to fill the resort. We were given a phone call with less than 48 hours notice that we would have to vacate the premises and were given a number to a hotel in Honolulu to see if they had rooms available. Honolulu is at the time, the epicenter of the most Corona cases and practically on total lock down. This was a financial decision to close, not a state order. We had to ask for a pro-rated refund on the resort amenities fees, since so many offerings were not available. No discount on food, beverages or future visits for being kicked out and left to fend for yourself. These owners should reconsider being in the hospitality business, since they obviously are only concerned about their bottom line and not the hospitable treatment of their guests. They definitely dropped the ball instead of making a good lasting impression on how to treat your guests during a difficult time for everyone. I, among all other guests experiencing this treatment, will not be revisiting or recommending this resort in the future. Best of luck to the owners, the Blackstone Group, because they’re going to need it if they continue to do business in this fashion.

    Great outdoor activities

    Reviewed by lexingtonaria(Los Angeles, California) on Mar 24, 2020

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    I was a bit disappointed by the hotel's general aspect, the rooms weren't as we expected at all and as we were on the second floor, it was a bit noisy. However, the outdoors activites were great, like the segway tour, and the facilities like the tennis court or the golf course were also very well maintained, but theswimming pool for exemple was a bit too busy at the time, and there wasn't enough space to sit. Turtle Bay Resort however, is a great place to go with your family as you won't ever be bored and you’ll always find something to do to kill your spare time.