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This French bistro is a breath of fresh air in a downtown neighbourhood that seems industrial by day and a touch bleak by night. Lately, however, funky lofts are filling in deserted old factories around the area.

With its bricks, beams, and exposed light bulbs, this restaurant has the feel of a 1920s era Parisian speakeasy.

For a starter, try the braised octopus with veal reduction. For your main course, try the Noix de Saint-Jacques - sautéed Maine scallops, Yukon gold potatoes and diced leeks with smoked potato leek chowder.

The tastiest cocktails here are either the Blood and Sand (John Barr Scotch, orange juice, Cherry Heering, sweet vermouth) or the curiously spelled Hemmingway (Matusalem Platino rum, Luxardo, lime, grapefruit).

Pricing: $$$