Treasure Island - TI Hotel & Casino, a Radisson Hotel

4.0 star rating

Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    5 most recent TripAdvisor reviews:

    The worst hotel in the world

    Reviewed by Benelital39() on Oct 24, 2020

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    We stayed at this hotel for about 16 days. On 10/22/20 at 3:30 a.m. someone knocked hard on the door and tried to break in, and managed to open the door. I have no idea how, he needs a card to open the door, Luckily the door was locked from above. It is important to note that my brother is a military man who suffers from ptsd and does not sleep all night. We complained and were told that the hotel's deputy manager and security officer contacted us, and no one spoke to us even after 3 days Thank you so much for a bad experience

    Watch out its a haunted hotel

    Reviewed by orbeneli42(Acre, Israel) on Oct 24, 2020

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    We stayed at the hotel for a period of 19 days, the majority were just fine. But On the night between Wednesday and Thursday 21-22/10 at 03:30 in the morning someone knocked hard and Tried to break down the door of my room. In the morning I called the reception to get an explanation and they asked me for a phone number so that the security could get back to me and update me. Nobodycalled or got back to me even though we calle a few times. It seems nobody care..

    From check in to check out-the stay was wonderful

    Reviewed by GretaBaker88(Evansville, Indiana) on Oct 23, 2020

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    Everyone at ti was very kind and professional. Check in was easy and the rooms were very clean and spacious. The casino and elevators were clean. The hotel is in a situated Location that is convenient. Check out was also convenient. We plan to return again, from Indiana.

    Expectations Exceeded!

    Reviewed by KatRod5(Wabash, IN) on Oct 22, 2020

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    I read SO many reviews, I even had another hotel reserved. After reading some more, I decided to cancel the other and book Treasure Island. I am so glad I did! Check-in was smooth. I had asked for a quiet room (I am a light sleeper and do not appreciate doors slamming at all hours and loud guests who have no consideration for others) We were on the 19th floor. I was pleasantly surprised we didn't experience any of my concerns mentioned! We arrived on Saturday night and stayed 4 nights. It was quiet each night! The casino wasn't crowded. The pool was amazing! The security gentleman walked through every 45 minutes or so and asked people to put their masks up but was super cool about it. He wasn't a nuisance. The location is PERFECT. Walked a short distance to the Fashion Show mall for lunches as it was much more inexpensive than the strip. Went to Fremont Street Experience one night. It's a must! Check out was super smooth with a text, no need to stand in line. I highly recommend staying at TI!

    Everything Was Good But One Thing

    Reviewed by Mirrflect() on Oct 19, 2020

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    The hotel and our room were both great except our sink counter was a little dirty, toilet seat had a small stain and the inside shower curtain towards the bottom was stained. The curtain was kinda gross. We probably should’ve told them about it and asked if they could do something about it, but my girlfriend and I didn’t want to bring it up to the hotel staff, so that may have been our fault. Regardless, it would’ve been nice if the bathroom wasn’t dirty in the first place. If it weren’t for those downsides then our room would’ve been 10/10 for our needs. We just cleaned what we could and tried our best to enjoy the room anyway, and surprisingly we still did for the most part. The bed was comfortable, AC was working fine, view wasn’t bad and the room atmosphere was great. Bathroom was good too minus the complaints mentioned above. Maybe run of house wasn’t the best choice, but then again, there is a pandemic going on right now so I hope that can account for something.