Flight simulator

At WestJet, we have been building an impressive collection of flight simulators and trainers to keep our pilots in tip top shape. All of our simulators are certified to Transport Canada standards, with two of our Full Flight Simulators also being certified to Federal Aviation Administration standards.

The training facility within the WestJet hangar is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is situated five minutes from the Calgary Airport and fifteen minutes from downtown.

We are now offering Dry Lease bookings to other commercial airlines and accredited commercial airline training institutions on the following training resources:

  • B737-700 Full Flight Simulator (Level D)
  • B737-700 Flight Training Device (Level 5)

Unfortunately we do not accept individual students for training nor do we provide tours or leasing to the general public. Please contact an accredited commercial airline training institution for course information if you would like to pursue an exciting career as a commercial aviation pilot.

For more detailed information, please send all inquiries to FlightSimulator@westjet.com.