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    High hopes crushed

    Reviewed by mrs_sh_2009(Aurora, Colorado) on Oct 18, 2019

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    Still trying to understand how this place gets so many awards and great reviews. Yes, there are some good things, but they don’t outweigh the bad. Good - overall service was great, Martin and Enzo was fabulous, Lapalapa food was very good, and the beach is one of the best! However, overall the food was not good at most locations, beds were horrible to sleep on, bugs in the room, so incredibly hot in the indoor common areas that we couldn’t bear dinner at Ibana or drinks at interior bars. One evening at Market Place our food never arrived after one hour, we had to leave (kids were hungry) and went to buffet. Food at Mole was awful, beware of cricket salad they don’t warn you about or clearly state on menu. We’ve been to several resorts between Cancun and playa and by far this ranks at the bottom. Sorry Paradisus, we had such high hopes!

    Compare to Melia Paradisus Punta Cana; Outstanding Family Concierge

    Reviewed by Ana C() on Oct 18, 2019

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    This was our second trip to a Paradisus Melia resort. Our first one was a fabulous 5 star vacation to Punta Cana two years ago that my 3 children now ages ages 7 through 11 still talk about with a strong desire to return so we had high expectations. Our first two days were a huge disappointment. Although we had family concierge service, our assigned butlers had the day off. We were checked in by an inexperienced staff member who dropped the ball. We arrived around 7 pm, tired and hungry. No one showed us where to eat and the sofa bed was not made up upon our arrival. My husband stayed in the room and ordered room service while my eldest daughter and I wandered desolate halls looking for food. We had a long hike to a very ordinary buffet. Substandard when compared to the fabulous buffets in Punta Cana. We later learned that there was a restaurant in our building that did not require reservations where we could have eaten if only someone had told us. We had also booked a room for five people, but the room only accommodated 4. We had a king sized bed and had my son sleep in it with the adults. The girls didn’t want to share a sofa bed, so my youngest daughter pulled together two armchairs and used towels as blankets to sleep there. We had only 5 pillows for 5 people even though we usually use more. The second night, housekeeping made up the armchairs with sheets and blankets for my daughter and provided us with more pillo. On the third night, after I complained to our butler about the lack of sleeping accommodations, we learned that the hotel provided rollaway beds at no charge. I am still puzzled as to why no one thought of providing sufficient beds for a family of five even after they saw that a child was sleeping in arm chairs. On our first full day, we spent the day off of the resort and returned in time for a dip in the pool before dinner. We couldn’t figure out how to get towels and by the time we got out of the pool it was very chilly. When we tried to get towels by the pool, we learned that we needed to exchange cards provided at check in for towels. We had not been provided the cards or given that information at check in. After some pleading and shivering children, the towel lady agreed to give us 2 towels for 4 people and said she could not give us more without the cards, so we shared. The next day, we connected with our butlers, Gloria and Rodolfo and they managed to turn our experience around and salvage our vacation. We obtained a very comfortable rollaway bed with a real mattress for my daughter and pool towel cards. We were able to obtain reservations at all of the restaurants, although they could only get us reservations at La Palapa, by far the best restaurant at the resort, at 8:30 pm and only days in advance. The kids loved Rodolfo. He was very attentive to our needs and Gloria went above and beyond our expectations. When we asked her if she could find someone to run 8 minute miles with our 8 year-old son, a nationally competitive cross-country runner who is afraid of the treadmill, she found Rodrigo, the head of entertainment, a very nice young man, who patiently tried to convince my very reluctant son to run through a golf course, around tennis courts and on the beach, at no charge. Our butlers sent complimentary bottles of wine and champagne, cheese and cold cut platters and chocolate covered fruit and marshmallows to our room, provided the children with lovely Mexican toys, bathtub full of bubbles and balloon figures and bedtime milk and cookies. They also helped us reserve ocean view Bali beds and spa services. The resort even has a kids spa that we stumbled upon where we treated our girls to pedi, mani and facial spa packages. We also were lucky to find Luis, a fabulous waiter, who helped us get a table every night at La Palapa, as soon as it opened at 6:30 pm, so that my children could stay awake and enjoy the dinner. We also had excellent waiters at Bana and Mole restaurant although I was not a big fan of the food, and excellent room service by Alexis. Overall, I would give our individual butlers and other service providers and the chef at La Palapa a 5 star rating, but the resort as a whole a 4 star rating due to our rough start and not so great food at most of the restaurants. I certainly would never want to go without family concierge or royal service and given a choice, would rather go to the Melia Paradisus in Punta Cana.


    Reviewed by Mygoodkids(Melbourne, Australia) on Oct 17, 2019

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    Went to Toyi bar and had the best bartender ever his name was Giovani he did tricks he got what we wanted before even asked he suggested new drinks he was way better than Tom Cruise in Cocktail He went out of his way to get seats for us and he explained all the drinks he was making for us


    Reviewed by terraedwardskennedy(Dallas, Texas) on Oct 17, 2019

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    Hello I would just like to warn ANYONE who is thinking about staying at this hotel ! We got married at the property in Playa Del Carman and it was great their resort was amazing especially the service! They suggested me and my husband honeymoon at their property in Cancun & it was awful! Our tub broke, our AC broke, our room service never arrived one night, & when I talked with the manager he did not care ... the only thing offered was a 15 min massage when we are heading to the airport ! We spent over 40K on our wedding & we were promised the stay in Cancun would be the same treatment instead we never saw our butler for our royal service and we were never acknowledged at all that it was our honey moon !!!!! If you want a good honeymoon DO NOT go to Cancun Paradisus. I spent 6 years as a hospitality manager at the waldorf Astoria so I know good service and this was not it! I hope anyone else thinking of coming reads this !

    Excellent-Ignacio Vacquez

    Reviewed by Nikki P() on Oct 16, 2019

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    We have had a wonderful stay so far for our anniversary and my husbands birthday trip! The service is impeccable and the resort is very clean and beautiful! Ignacio Vacquez at the Enzo restaurant has been amazing everyday! He is friendly, accommodating and an excellent server and friend! I imagine the rest of our stay will continue to be as incredible as the first half and we will update accordingly. My husband and I highly recommend this resort.