Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger

3.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 3 and 4 stars. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Fires, break-ins, and constant maintenance?!?!?

    Reviewed by blackhawke2019(Okinawa Prefecture, Japan) on Aug 19, 2019

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    Ok, so I travel quite a bit for my work. I think I have a good grasp of what should and shouldn't happen at a hotel from my experience and this one just rattles me still. This is all from my own experience. 1. There was a fire at this hotel. I know this isn't the hotels fault. However, the customer service during the fire was atrocious. People staying at the hotel were ushered out of the hotel late in the evening. Many of them had robes and pajamas on since a lot of families stay here. No representative was available to give updates or to provide a place for families to stay temporarily. There are several Outrigger locations and a banquet hall could have been opened for people to at least sit and let children get some sleep. Many parents had small children and were forced to shop or find a small bit of waikiki that was comfortable enough for a toddler to sleep on. No updates were given. Instead guests shared information with each other when the doors were reopened at almost 1:30am. I was one of those parents and I ran into several others in the same predicament. After the fire, no recompense occurred and a simple chain letter was slipped under doors. While I don't expect much the apathy of the hotel chain was unacceptable. During the next few days professional cleaning crews were present to get rid of the smoke smell and whatever else they do. They were awesome! They were professional and went the extra mile to assist guests in the hallways. Personally they held doors open and offered to take garbage from people they saw in the hallways. The hotel staff in comparison only cleaned the rooms and not any other areas of the hotel. Since elevators were affected due to the cleaning and fire escapades we had to to utilize the stairs. For two days I saw the same wet soggy toddler socks and an empty Starbucks coffee bottle in the stairway leading from guest rooms to the lobby. It wasn't picked up and the stairway was never cleaned as far as I could tell. Additionally, the night we returned to our room we had to pass security because someone had broken into the room next to ours while the fire escapades occurred. It happens, not much you can do about that in a fire. However, there was no proactive response for several days. On our third day at this location, and two days after the fire there was a security guard posted at the elevators that were now working. Never was there a security guard posted at stairways that all guests had to utilize to gain access to their rooms during the prior two days. This is unacceptable. Additionally, only the main lobby elevators had a security person in-place. Please update your security to provide a safe haven for guests. There is better security measures at hotels that cost less. Lastly, the escalators were needing maintenance at this location on my last day here. I usually don't care, but when there are multiple fails this just adds to everything. Instead of doing the maintenance at night or maybe doing the down escalators after the check-out period (they shut them down without notice at 0700 when I was leaving) they had shut them off at the prime time for people to check out and leave. Kind of a pain when you are trying to depart. Not to mention we had to show our receipts to the security guard, who just saw us depart the elevator to check-out, in order to get back on the elevator for the ground floor (lobby is on the second floor). Please improve your processes, cleanliness, and improve the customer service at this location. It's a nice hotel don't let it tarnish the other outrigger locations.

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    Lovely hotel, fantastic location.

    Reviewed by Jackie1510(Boronia, Australia) on Aug 18, 2019

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    We have had a 6 night stay. Smack bang in the middle of Waikiki, close to everything, this is a great place to stay. All the staff are very friendly, and the cleaning staff are wonderful. Most importantly, the rooms are spotless and the beds are really comfortable. The Beachcomber group also has a free Waikiki shuttle bus driven by friendly, informative drivers that will take you to all of the main attractions here. The beach is a short stroll across the road and down Dukes walk. The Aroma cafe is a great place to have breakfast - the Acai bowl, fresh waffles, or bagels are a great way to start the day. We spent several pleasant evenings on our lanai gazing at the sunsets or watching the people strolling up and down the boulevard. Altogether a lovely stay. ??

    Modern & Relaxed, Prime Location

    Reviewed by Innes002() on Aug 18, 2019

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    Travelled to Waikiki from Australia a few times now and this has been the most impressive hotel by far. Rooms are modern/clean, the setup is perfect. Pool/Cafe/Bar all within a few steps. Had family and friends who stayed as part of our wedding party and they were over the moon. Front Office Staff and Housekeeping where very helpful. Mahalo

    Great experience

    Reviewed by Lakkkkkkk() on Aug 12, 2019

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    We had such an amazing time at the outrigger in Hawaii. The people were so lovely and our cleaner Elisa was so lovely and did such a great job. We also had the most amazing concierge James who was so attentive and looked after our needs and knew all the amazing places to go eat, book cars, cruises etc. He went above and beyond and made our stay so memorable with his guidance and help. Outrigger is very lucky to have such an amazing concierge to help their guests on a daily basis. Thank you James for a wonderful experience on our first time in Hawaii.

    Housekeeping saved the day!

    Reviewed by Sara1-OB() on Aug 09, 2019

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    It was our first stay at the Beachcomber we Loved our experience! Rooms were very clean and perfect size for what we needed. When we checked out I left my sons two favorite sleep animals in the room...I realized this and called the hotel that night. The first man to answer the phone was absolutely No help he brushed me off to an answering machine. I immediately called back and spoke with a woman at front desk who put me directly through to Housekeeping. I spoke with Florencia and she was so kind her and her co - worker Alan went Above and beyond and searched for my sons stuffed animals !!! It’s people like them that make your hotel amazing! The next day I went to hotel and picked up my sons toys from the Housekeeping manager Evelyn, she was so kind and totally understood! The Housekeeping department Rocks, they probably work the hardest of all staff and it shows ! Thank you Florencia, Alan, & Evelyn in Housekeeping at Beachcomber Waikiki by Outrigger

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