Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort

5.0 star rating

Exceptional accommodation with superior facilities and services.

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    Perfect Family Vacay

    Reviewed by FourBoyos() on Jan 17, 2020

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    Will not disappoint. Attentive staff, fantastic food options, great pools (yes, they’re cool, but it’s hot out - go sit in the jacuzzi if you want a hot pool). Beach is a bit rocky in places, but it’s because of the reef. Just bring water shoes or buy from their boutique (or in town in Puerto Morelos). Upgraded to swim up at check in - highly recommend. They have family swim up rooms. Some restaurants are a bit better than others, but that can also go to personal taste. Family, couples - anyone would have a great, relaxing time at Ventus and attached Hotel Marina El Cid. We would go back in a heartbeat. Someone in these comments complained that they couldn’t find tacos - they didn’t look very hard. Made to order with a rainbow of salsas.

    Great time al Ventus El Cid

    Reviewed by Ramon C(Bronx, New York) on Jan 16, 2020

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    We had a wonderful time during our week's stay. We liked the layout of both properties with the wide and winding walkways throughout. The food was very good, I especially liked the Mercado de Dolores’ ceviche bar and breakfast at the French restaurant, Ile, and the quality and service of the restaurant dinners and staff. The room location was wonderful, quiet and spacious. Especially liked the breezes and the view from the balcony - from the sunrise to the moonlit nights. We loved that all the guests were respectful, polite, adult, and well-behaved. So pleased that there were no loud parties, loud music, overly indulged drinkers. All the guests/children/families were there to rest and relax, very much like us. This atmosphere of respect and calm is due to the fact that El Cid and Ventus and all of its staff sees itself as a very relaxing, quiet, lovely resort. The staff impressed me very favorably with their hard work and friendly gracious manner. They kept everything impeccably neat and tidy, from the room to the beach shores. I only wished that the Spa's hydration sauna cycle treatment was included as part of the Platinum All-Inclusive fee. I also wished that tipping to the staff was included in the price much like they do in cruise ships, a 10% to 15% fee that is then shared by all the staff. I think most if not all of the guests would be willing to pay a tipping fee like in the cruise ships. It was very stressful to think about who to tip, when to tip, how much to tip and the constant fear that I left someone out that I should have tipped. All the resort staff was so pleasant and respectful. It was wonderful to be able to be with them.

    Excellence in all areas

    Reviewed by janierae14(Ypsilanti, Michigan) on Jan 16, 2020

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    We have been to this resort 3 times and are already booking our next trip. The food and staff are amazing. The facilities are impeccable. The only area that leaves a little to be desired is the beach, but this is due to sea weed and ocean issues. Staff are always cleaning up the beach and doing their best.

    Awesome trip!

    Reviewed by Jenay708(Sioux Falls, South Dakota) on Jan 14, 2020

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    I took my two adult daughters ages 27 and 20 for a week. We all three had a great time. I have probably traveled to the Cancun/Riviera Maya area 10 times over the years and have stayed at about 7 different resorts and they have probably been to 4 different resorts. We all agreed that this has been our favorite. The staff was great, service was wonderful . Facility was very clean and well cared for from our room to the public areas. We enjoyed the food and felt that there were more than enough options for all three of us. We spent most of our days by the adult pool and evenings at the lobby bar which turns into more a night club with dancing and DJ later in the evening and we all enjoyed the music and dancing. Dolores Market has so many food options for lunch and dinner, lots of variety and fresh and healthy options as well. Very different than the typical resort "buffet" We had access to the adjoining Marina El Cid resort as well which gave us even more options. We have stayed on the Marina side before around 5-6 years ago and enjoyed that as well but prefer the Ventus side. We met some great people and my daughters made friends they hung out with for the week. Overall our favorite vacation in Mexico!

    Overall A good experience

    Reviewed by jetrash96(Ontario, Canada) on Jan 14, 2020

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    Overall a good trip. Rooms were cleaned twice daily, and the facilities are nice. More vegetarian meal options would have been nice. Got boring eating cheese pizza and vegetables and rice everyday twice a day.