Port of Spain


There’s a reason Trinidad and Tobago is called “the true Caribbean.” Trinidad and Tobago are the most southern islands in the Caribbean, located a mere seven miles off Venezuela's northeast coast. But it’s here you’ll find an oasis that appeals to all the senses. View the country’s beauty as you explore coral reefs and open ocean. Feel the warmth of its year-round warm temperatures and refreshing breeze. Smell and taste the area’s unique island cuisine and hear the sounds of calypso music and the steelpan as you relax on the beach.

Airport served by: POS

Destination basics

Like most of the Caribbean, Port of Spain has a tropical climate. From January to May the climate is dryer than in the latter half of the year, though even with more rainfall visitors are still assured plenty of beautiful, clear days. Year-round daily temperatures average 31 C (88 F) during the day and between 20 C (68 F) and 25 C (72) in the evenings.

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