Importing, exporting goods by air

Loading container into cargo hold

Import requirements are dictated by the country you are shipping to.

It is your responsibility to be aware of all applicable regulations and provide all necessary documentation. There may be import requirements from numerous regulatory agencies including, but not limited to, customs, food and agriculture, and commerce. You must ensure that all required documentation is provided with your shipment at the time you tender it for shipping.

It is also your responsibility to arrange for a customs broker to handle clearance of your shipment when it arrives in destination. Failure to have a broker in place and/or have the necessary documents for import may result in your shipment being delayed or seized by authorities. WestJet is not responsible for shipments that are delayed or refused due to improper documentation or approvals. You will be responsible for any additional fines or charges for importation or to have the shipment returned to its point of origin.