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Delayed, damaged and/or missing baggage

At WestJet, we're working hard to have one of the lowest mishandled‑baggage ratios in North America. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, baggage may be delayed or damaged. If that happens, we'll do everything we can to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your baggage is delayed, damaged or missing, it is important to contact us as soon as possible.

More information about your rights as a guest when travelling with us.

Damage to baggage and/or contents must be presented to WestJet for assessment within 7 days of your flight’s arrival. Please return to your arrival airport baggage services office with your damaged baggage for assessment. If you are unable to return to the airport within 7 days of arrival, you can contact WestJet Central Baggage Services within the same allotted time frame of 7 days from arrival at 1-866-695-2247. Outside of Canada please call 1-403-444-2581. If you have an existing damaged baggage file, please click the link below to be directed to the on-line communication portal.

Check or update baggage status

  • Delayed baggage must be reported to WestJet within 21 days of your flight's arrival.

  • A WestJet representative will create a delayed baggage report for you. You'll be asked for your contact information and a description of your baggage and its contents to assist in the search.

  • Once this report has been completed, a WestJet representative from Baggage Services will advise you of the next steps.

  • During the first five days, we will work to locate your baggage. If your baggage is not recovered in five days, our Central Baggage team will take over the search.

If you have an existing delayed baggage file, please select the link below to be directed to the on-line communication and tracking portal

Check or update baggage status

For domestic travel only, WestJet's maximum liability as a result of damage and/or loss is 1,131 Special Drawing Rights per bag (approximately $1800 CAD). For international travel, WestJet's liability will be limited by either the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention, as applicable. In most cases, the limitation amount will be 1,131 Special Drawing Rights. If you have purchased excess valuation ‑ which is available at the airport, prior to departure, for a fee ‑ the maximum liability is $3,000 CAD/USD (which includes the standard 1131 SDRs).

In the event that a bag is lost, guests will be reimbursed for their baggage fee in addition to settlement for the loss of baggage.

If you lose something during your journey, we will do our best to help you find it. WestJet only retains items left on board the aircraft for 14 days from the date found. All items left in the airport public areas such as restrooms, boarding lounges, restaurants and security are turned over to the local airport authority. If your item was left on one of our partner airlines; you will need to follow up with them. Please be advised that WestJet is not permitted to retain passports, and they will be turned over to the appropriate authority as outlined in the Government of Canada website. To report an item left on board, or to update an existing report, please choose from the links below.

Create new report

Update an existing report


If you discover items are missing from your baggage, this must be reported to a WestJet representative immediately. A report must be created within 21 days. Within Canada, please call us at 1‑866‑695‑2247. Outside of Canada, please call us at 403‑444‑2581.

It is important to note the baggage policies, restrictions and fees of our partner airlines may be different from ours. Please see our airline partners page as generally, the most restrictive guidelines will apply.

If you are a guest travelling with both WestJet and one of our partner airlines and your baggage and/or contents are delayed, damaged or missing, please contact the airline that flew you to your final destination.