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Guest charters

Enjoy the ease and comfort of a personalized charter flight.

Since 2017, our world-class fleet has flown professional sports teams, corporate clients and entertainment groups on over 16,600 charter flights from one of our Canadian cities.

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Shipping a mini car by WestJet Cargo

Cargo charters

Charter a passenger aircraft for your air cargo shipments.

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Narrowbody aircraft


Cargo door dimensions

Forward hold
48 in/122 cm wide
51 in/129.5 cm tall1

Aft hold
48 in/122 cm wide
48 in/122 cm tall1

See more about the 737-NG

Dash 8-400

Cargo door dimensions1

51 in/149 cm wide
59 in/129.5 cm tall

See more about the Dash 8-400

1 Please note: although the Dash 8-400 aircraft cargo door height is 51 in. (129.4 cm), the aircraft model operating a specific flight may change due to operational requirements on the day of travel. As such, any item exceeding 33 in. (83.82 cm) in height may need to be turned on its side or angled to fit through the opening. Items (including mobility devices) that that are too large to fit through the opening, cannot be turned on their side, or cannot be angled to fit through the cargo door opening, will not be accepted.

Widebody aircraft

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What we ship

Here's a list of things we ship today. Let us know what you need to move and we’ll see how we can help.

General Cargo (GEN)Perishables (PER)Live Animals (AVI)Human Remains (HUM)Dangerous Goods (DG)
  • Household items
  • Mountain bikes
  • Clothing/
  • Trade show equipment
  • Promotional material/flyers
  • Fruits/
  • Fresh Seafood
  • Frozen Seafood
  • Fish
  • Animal Diagnostic Specimens
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Baby Chicks
  • Cremated
  • Non-Cremated
*Transportation of human remains must be booked through a funeral home
  • Dry ice
  • Lithium Ion Batteries – Contained in Equipment
  • Toxic Substances
  • Gases
  • Oxidizing Substances

*Products listed above may not be accepted on all routes.

Widebody aircraft available for cargo charter