Discover Trinidad - Cuba's Colonial Crown Jewel

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Founded in 1514, Trinidad is Cuba's fourth-oldest city. It sits at the head of a great bay about 80 km south of Santa Clara. The narrow, unmarked cobbled streets are paved with ballast stones shipped across the Atlantic. There are exquisite pastel-coloured neoclassical and baroque buildings here fronted by mahogany balustrades and massive wooden doors.

Mule-drawn carts and cowboys on horseback share the streets with classic 1950s automobiles and travellers. Birds in ornate bamboo cages serenade locals who like to spend most of their time on rocking chairs beneath shady verandas. You'll also find more than a dozen 17th- and 18th-century buildings lining the streets around the town's compact Plaza Mayor.

Although all the city clocks stopped working in 1850, no other city in Cuba is so well preserved or charming. Not only is the entire city a National Monument, but in 1998, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage of Humanity Site.