Fish fry


One of the most authentic cultural experiences you can have on St. Lucia is at the weekly fish fry, or "jump-up" as it's known. Every Friday night in the tiny fishing village of Anse La Raye, trucks pull up with trays of homemade seafood and rice dishes and the party begins.

Get to the beachfront street anytime after 6 p.m. with cash in hand for a feast of curried shrimp, boiled lobster, stuffed crab backs, turtle stew, poached red snapper and deep fried fish Johnny cakes (similar to bannock). There's no better culinary bang for your buck on the island and it's a great place to share a table with a friendly group of locals.

Things really get rocking after 9 p.m., so once the kids hit curfew, parents can check out the pop-up bars on the tops of coolers that sell everything from local rums to local beer.

Age group: good for all ages; young families should come earlier