The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa

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    rooms need a lot of work but golf course was great

    Reviewed by dparis(jackson) on Nov 07, 2020

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    The property including the pools and golf course were great. The rooms were very disappointing. The chairs were very dirty and worn. The handicap bar in the shower broke off when we tried to use it. The faucets over the sink sprayed all over the counter. The bed was so soft it felt like a hammock and gave us sore backs every morning. Because of the virus the rooms are not cleaned although they said they would do it every 3 days. We had to take care of our own trash and put it in the container in the courtyard which did not get emptied. We called the front desk twice to let them know it was full but no one came to empty it. Also all of the restaurants were closed due to the virus. They did have pre-packaged sandwiches in the coffee shop. Even though we stayed there for 5 nights they charged us for parking. The front desk staff was very nice. I really expeded more from the hotel being that it is a Westin. Hopefully they wiill update the rooms in the near future.

    Needs Repair

    Reviewed by clairet85922(Fullerton, California) on Oct 18, 2020

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    My husband has a 3 stroke rule. Once an establishment makes three mistakes, we decide it’s time to say something. Strike 1: severely understaffed at check in. Took a good 15 minutes just to check in. Strike 2: check out our room photos! The rooms need some love! Considering this is a category 6 hotel, I expect better. Strike 3: we ordered pizza from the chefs secret kitchen and the dough was raw. I returned it and the woman behind the counter remade it but no apology was ever offered, just an “oh no!” She seemed annoyed more than anything, and in my opinion, grumpy people shouldn’t be working in customer service industries. Strike 4: if you expect the hotel to enforce social distancing at the pool, go somewhere else. We called ahead of time to make sure we would feel comfortable and they assured us they space our loungers by 6ft. Ha! Not the case whatsoever. It looked like a day club with a packed pool and loungers have definitely not been spaced out.

    cockaroach found in hotel

    Reviewed by amil1983(Los Angeles, California) on Sep 26, 2020

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    checked in found a bunch of critters in my room when I walked in went to the bathroom and boom a dead cockaroach just chilling there. had to leave immediately and ask for my money back parking situation kind of sucks had to prk far away

    Summer get away

    Reviewed by kristost2016(Greater Palm Springs, California) on Sep 06, 2020

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    This is my first review after the pandemic traveling. With all the restrictions going on I have to say, Weston properties still maintain the same standard with a pandemic or not. Mission Hills is a massively grand property, very well-maintained very friendly very clean. But again it’s always been like this except now they have to mention the restrictions of masks and social distancing. But the quality and standard is always high. We had to killer day in Palm Springs and decided to come to this lovely gem in Rancho Mirage, had a wonderful stay. Of course there was no restaurant activity as expected in so many places at these times but I have to say we enjoyed a one night stay here and would always come back for a weekend of leisure


    Reviewed by oldwearytraveler() on Mar 25, 2020

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    Unfortunately had to cancel a t-time for two due the the Covid-19 outbreak. Called to see assistance with a refund, but told the phone lines to the pro shop were down and would have to e-mail. Sent two e-mails to the address that was provided and never ever received a response. Pretty sad customer service when you can't help people out due to medical emergency.

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