Recognizing Women of Aviation

WestJet women leading the way

The women of WestJet have been instrumental in leading us through the COVID-19 pandemic. For Women of Aviation Week, we are recognizing some of these extraordinary WestJetters.

Angela Avery


“I didn’t have to choose a single path forward - I could be a great mom and a successful lawyer and these two things wouldn’t challenge my ability to do either, but instead would make me better at both...”

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Shakia McCree


“Personally, and professionally this past year has changed me forever. I have learnt that the road to success is never linear, it just requires hard work and a willingness to relinquish control and adapt to change...”

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Leah McDonald


“We are still living in a world of firsts. Accept that there will be moments where you are the only woman at the table and hold yourself accountable to being confident in the value you bring...”

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Sahar Ibrahim


“Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have strong examples of leaders who consistently advocated for their team and were strongly invested in my success...”

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Rhonda Johnson


“I am not ashamed to be a single working mother. Every day I show my kids what a strong, independent woman looks like and that with hard work, they can achieve anything...”

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Megan Goddard


“By showcasing and recognizing successful women in the aviation industry we pave it forward for a more diverse future generation who will see themselves represented and feel they belong in this industry...”

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Connecting Women in Aviation

WestJet is proud to support Elevate Aviation in its mission to create a shift in the aviation industry, promote gender equality, connect women with a network of support, and inspire the next generation of leaders through continuous learning.

Elevate Aviation Learning Centre

The Elevate Aviation Learning Centre offers a unique approach to awareness and training in the aviation and aerospace industry. The Learning Centre currently has three online programs, all targeted towards different stages of life and careers.

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Pilots with arms crossed and smiling

Cross Country Tour

The 2021 Virtual Cross Country Tour is free of charge and can be watched entirely online. Different aspects of aviation will be explored each day for five days. This is an opportunity for people of all ages to explore the variety of careers available in aviation and hear from women who are passionate about what they do.

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Woman smiling with aircraft behind her


Elevate Aviation's “Flight Path to Success” mentorship program is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development, enabling you to achieve desired success – and to meet some great people along the way. The program helps women in all stages of career progression, from choosing their path to promotion into leadership roles.

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Volunteers sitting in cargo bay

Volunteer with Elevate Aviation

Elevate Aviation Wings are teams of volunteers who enhance presence in their community and help women recognize and achieve their potential through aviation. If you want to see more women enter the aviation industry, become a game changer by joining the Elevate Aviation Wing in your province or territory!

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WestJet is proud to partner with Elevate Aviation on these impressive initiatives that empower women and the next generation of leaders to be bold, partake in meaningful conversations, and make a positive impact every day. Learn more about Elevate Aviation and how you can get involved.