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Customer and Guest Service

WestJet customer service agents (CSAs) and guest service ambassadors (GSAs) are responsible for helping our guests have a positive experience getting through the airport on to the aircraft. Our CSAs and GSAs have a wide range of skills in their toolkit to deal with the situations that come up from late guests to lost pets. Our CSAs and GSAs treat every guest with respect and empathy, regardless of the circumstances.

These empowered problem solvers are on their feet for long periods of time. Other physical tasks may include, but are not limited to: assisting guests requiring mobility assistance (such as wheelchairs) in all areas of the airport and lifting/moving guest baggage, among many other tasks. They also have stellar knowledge of the fees, regulations and restrictions that are involved with air travel.

Think of our CSAs and GSAs as good neighbours at the airport, willing to go over and above to help when needed. You won't have to lend out your power tools, but if you don’t mind sharing your time and positive attitude, WestJet might be the place for you.