Learn about artisanal rum making at St. Nicholas Abbey

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Preserving more than 350 years of Barbadian heritage, this 398-acre property is the island's oldest surviving plantation. Mahogany forests, tropical gardens and rolling sugar cane fields provide a picturesque framework for tours of the 17th-century Great House and its artifacts.

Unlike many plantation properties that serve as museums and restaurants, St. Nicholas Abbey has revived some of its treasured traditions since being privately purchased in 2006.

Visitors can sample and purchase the liquid gold of the small distillery producing handcrafted rum, aged to perfection in bourbon barrels on the estate. The plantation's steam mill steps back in time to crush more than 254,000 kilograms of sugar cane each year, while its syrup plant converts raw cane juice into fancy molasses, also available for purchase.

St. Nicholas Abbey offers visitors a rare opportunity to experience authentic production processes, before unwinding in the serene surroundings of the Terrace Café, which overlooks the lush plantation gullies.