Sip rum punch and eat at Rum Point

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For a relaxing day and change of scenery, Rum Point is where the locals go. It's located across North Sound on Grand Cayman's northernmost tip. Before relaxing on the beach, if you have time along the way, take a sightseeing trip to the island's east end.

Once you reach Rum Point, you'll see the calm, shallow water lapping the shore of this sheltered small beach - perfect for families. Fringed with casuarina trees, Rum Point evokes the natural Cayman of yesteryear.

Visit the Rum Point Club Restaurant for lunch and the always-lively Wreck Bar & Grill. On weekends, it's a hive of action. Relax, chill out and sip a chilly local Stingray beer or a rum punch or two from a picnic table on the sandy beach.