Gaia Club (Las Terrenas)

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The three-storey discotheque Gaia is a hot spot in Las Terrenas. The action gets going just past midnight and continues into the early morning hours. Lights, lasers, fog machines - this place has it all. You can party the night away to three different styles of music from the best DJs in three unique atmospheres.

The first floor features house, tropical, electronic and other types of music. On the second, more exclusive VIP floor, you might hear dance music, hip hop or merengue. On the third floor, the Penthouse, the DJ spins vinyl and relaxed lounge music.

Sip a Blue Hawaii (a mix of Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and coconut cream liqueur) and dance the night away. Most of the action here happens on the weekends, but there are plenty of events and themed nights on other days of the week.

Pricing: $$