Iberostar Daiquiri

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    Great experience!

    Reviewed by neld7798() on Sep 20, 2019

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    We came as a family with a preschool child with us. Hotel is very safe, beaches are fantastic, food is very minimal for vegans like me. Next time, I’ll bring my own can of beans. Employees are sincerely friendly! Receptionists (Liff, Katiya, and Raul) were extremely helpful and very accommodating. Rooms are better by the beach. Recommend going to Playa Pillar! Going there, we took a taxi, forgot our bag in the trunk. We asked for help from Rene (from the restaurant at Playa Pillar), contacted our hotel to find our taxi. Within 10 minutes, the taxi (Edel) came back with our belongings. This shows how friendly, kind and honest Cubans are! We will definitely come back!


    Reviewed by michael p(Blackpool, United Kingdom) on Sep 20, 2019

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    Would never recommend this hotel put in a room it was so disgusting plugs hanging of the wall doors not shut properly after 3days moved to another room it was a bit better no remote for tv it took 4days to get one that works it took 3days to get beach towels got told we are waiting for delivery the bars ran out of lemonade fanta coke even Bailey had one glass in the 2wks I was there and to top it all if you go around the pool the sun lounger was filthy disgusting on a good point the staff was good beach great food ok yes just ok it is not a 4star or even a 3star it's got to be a 2star


    Reviewed by 782annp(Blackpool, United Kingdom) on Sep 20, 2019

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    I am sorry to say this as thay did change our room but not a lot better his hotel is one of the worst one we have stayed in will not be returning to it all the other reviews have told what its like food was ok rooms rubbish thay run out of coke lemonade fanta then only had coke no baileys at all had it one night that's it for two weeks the stairs where not cleaned at all while we where there for the two weeks the beach was beautiful loved swimming in the sea didn't go in the pool the sunloungers cushions where disgusting and dirty no beach towels for 3 days thay didn't fill the fridge at all had to ask but still took days the remote for TV didn't work and took4 days to get one I would say this hotel would be 2 star only staff where friendly glad to be home some people where moved to amother hotel ...... cant really say anything good about this hotel and all we had to buy coke for our room would not recommend this hotel at all....-

    Rubbish canteen

    Reviewed by mark y(Worksop, United Kingdom) on Sep 20, 2019

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    95% of the people we spoke to said they wouldn’t return or recommend this place to friends.The food was really poor in the main restaurant.It was cold and repeated everyday and the service was really poor with a racist view.Cuban people were served before anyone else.The main bar was very poor ,cheap Cuban brands were served with awfully sweet mixers and the wine was very poor quality that was undrinkable.Also the place was swarming with mosquitos that had bad reactions from some people causing horrendous swelling.

    Fantastic Family Vacation

    Reviewed by Melanie_Shane(Kentville, Canada) on Sep 17, 2019

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    This resort was small and had a great layout. I find it very enjoyable when your room is so close you can easily go back to get an item within a minute or two. The food at the main buffet was a smaller selection than what I am used to BUT was still good food. The lobby had great seating with live music in the evenings. The churros at the lobby were delicious. The bartenders at the lobby were not that friendly. If you wanted a quick beer, no problem. If you asked for a mixed drink the service was definitely different. The goal was to get those beers out quick. I felt like it was a huge hassle every time I ordered something. So I stopped ordering. It wasn't worth how their attitude made me feel. The bar service at the pool was especially awesome. Very friendly service. The seafood a la carte near the beach opened at lunch time with a very small buffet to give variety from the main buffet. The snack bar at the pool had different options as well. There is an actual bank directly beside the resort. Don't forget you need to bring your passport to exchange money. There was a foam party on the tennis court one evening. That was fun. They even brought out a little cart and made sandwiches for snacks. The beach was lovely but no natural trees for shelter. There were always loungers but sometimes a struggle to find shade. The gardeners and cleaners were so friendly. The resort was very clean. I would recommend this resort.