Sandals Inn

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This hotel is rated between 3 and 4 stars. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Spring Vacation 2019

    Reviewed by Journey24660856122(Forest Lake, Minnesota) on Apr 09, 2019

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    Our vacation to Montego Bay, Sandals Inn was fun. It was great having access to the 3 Sandals Resorts, with just a short shuttle ride. Jason, OBrian, Cassandra and Mario were great. OBrian greeted us and showed us to our rooms, Cassandra always made sure that we had the drinks we wanted that were expertly prepared by Mario and Jason sang the "tears" song when it was time for us to leave.

    Falling apart

    Reviewed by Mike347804122(Delaware) on Apr 08, 2019

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    The pictures did not represent the rooms well. The rooms were not as good as they were suppose to be. The air conditioner, which is a window air unit in the wall over door and hangs in the hall was leaking. Not only our room but many others as we walked through the hall. The fridge was warm and after four days of going to the front desk and telling them, nothing was ever done about it. We were suppose to have fully stocked fridge every day of water, beer, juice wine, etc... well we couldn’t drink the warm beer or juice. The water we drank, didn’t get replaced and had to constantly ask for it to be restocked the next day. The bathroom sink was falling away from the wall (counter and all). We had a split stay and they lost our second reservation. When they finally got it they told us that it would be an hour until the next room was ready as the maids just started cleaning it. After just over an hour, we were then told that they hadn’t started cleaning it yet. And for us to just leave our luggage and stuff in the lobby. I told them we were suppose to meet friends at the beach. Then we were told to just leave everything in the lobby ( who on earth would leave your wallet, keys, passports and all that unattened anywhere???). The desk guy just looked at us blankly when we were talking to the manager about all the issues. We then found out that there was an empty room and asked if we could secure our things there, to which the manager finally said yes. The second room was better but they had a band aide to keep the battery cover on the remote for the tv. Three times during the stay we ordered room serivce. One occasion the cheeseburger was not cooked, red inside and cold. One occasion was good cheese plate, dessert and a wrap. The third occasion the cheeseburger again was red and cold inside and they did not bring the cheese plate and brought us a dessert that we didn’t order. Ackeem at the front desk, Patrick the bell hop and the one manager Devon ( I believe his name was) however seems to be about the only people we encountered that did their job well. I would not recommend staying here. Pay the little extra and stay at the main resort hotels.

    Is this really Sandals?

    Reviewed by Dream43799202860() on Apr 06, 2019

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    Upon arrival the staff seemed perhaps...surprised...that we didn't arrive right at 3PM which was the time of check-in. We were seated in the lobby with another couple. We were immediately asked if we wanted to purchase a candle lit dinner, we declined. We we're told our room was ready and we were escorted upstairs where there was a construction crew working and the A/C to our room was in pieces in the hallway... doesn't exactly scream "luxurious and relaxing". "I guess your room isn't ready". Obviously. I told the staffer that I was very hungry and perhaps our room would be ready after lunch. I was escorted to the small outdoor eatery Nibbles where we met the same couple from the lobby...also still waiting on their room. The food was good...however the lady working didn't seem thrilled with her job. We waited a short bit then went to the desk to see if our room was ready, they had decided to move us to an adjacent room. Upon entering I noticed that the dated gross green carpet had white stains(I'm assuming paint..but who knows). The room screamed "Airport Motel 6" vs Sandals "Luxury Included". Perhaps I was tired and needed a refreshing shower. I discover a bathroom with no cold water, broken fixtures covered in soap scum, a broken drain plug, and when turned on...water shooting out the top of the shower. I was furious and immediately emailed Sandals... received no response. I did however get to listen to sawing,cutting drilling, and workers joking around everytime I was in my room for the entire trip. Every person at Sandals Inn (except a man named Akeem) seemed to be the bottom tier of service,knew it, and we're happy to not excel at their jobs. Fortunately (or unfortunately) we saw what service SHOULD be like from everyone at the Montego Bay Sandals and hated having to go back to our own room. On our final day we got to enjoy the sounds of construction, the smells of adjacent bathrooms, and constant slamming of doors....oh yeah and the A/C wasn't working. We left and had an excellent dinner at the Oleander room and returned around the A/C still not working. We decided to get a quick drink the bartender had to ask me what I wanted twice because he was busy watching TV(I should have been used to that but it was icing on the cake at this point). Every wife deserves better than Sandals Inn.

    Will Be Back!

    Reviewed by Navigator58884101539() on Apr 01, 2019

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    3rd time to Jamaica (Visited Ochi and South Coast previously). Definitely had our doubts about Sandals Inn, but ended up loving it. The timing of the shuttle can kind of slow your day down, but definitely worth the price. Enjoyed visiting Royal Caribbean and Montego Bay. Sabrina at Butch's was nice enough to seat us at Butch's during a slow period even though we could not get reservations. Butch's and Soy were both fantastic restaurants. Highly recommend.

    Home away from home

    Reviewed by Gloria G(Bricktown, New Jersey, United States) on Mar 31, 2019

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    Where do I start???? I went for my 3rd trip to the Inn, to celebrate my 10 year anniversary. I was NOT disappointed one bit. The staff is amazing like always. Donovan, the operations manager made sure everything was perfect during my stay from the SECOND we arrived. Thank you for such a wonderful Returning Guests Dinner. It was fabulous being able to have a few laughs with you, many MANY laughs and of course an amazing meal. That being said, shout out to all the chefs on the property, including Mrs. Nibbles. Nothing like a juicy burger at midnight!!! The food at Bay Window was always perfect too. Try the hummus at lunch or the pasta jambalaya!! The bar-tending crew, Christopher, Lamar, Romario, Floyd and Cassandra made sure you always had a drink in your hand. Ask for some rum cream in your coffee, or better yet, have some with the cookies by the coffee bar. You will thank me :) The security staff made sure you caught the shuttle on time, and knew you by name after day 1!! They would even call you at your room, if you asked them to, when the shuttle came!! I apologize that I cannot remember your name right now, but thank you to the one guard in particular who was always smiling, and singing with me!! (You are in one of the pictures below when it was Tie Dye day) Roshan and Jonique from the play maker entertainment staff kept you entertained from morning to night. Scavenger hunts, tie dye days, Karoke nights! What a blast. The staff at the front desk, Ackeem, Jason, O'Brian and the young lady with the beautiful smile (i forget your name, but it started with a T) made sure I got every reservation I wanted, and made it a point that any simple requests in my room were taken care of. Colleen from the tour desk had me smiling and laughing all the time. We didn't book any tours this time, (we have done almost all of them already over the past few trips) but she still made it a point to be a friendly face every time I saw her. Boy, I hope i didn't forget anyone...Oh wait..Arlando! He is part of the maintenance crew. What a great guy. I accidentally dropped my FULL 1 liter bottle of Appleton Rum on the hard tile and it smashed everywhere!!! He came quick as a flash to clean it up and calmed me down. I felt really bad about making the huge mess, but he just smiled and took care of it. He made it a point to always stop and chat with me whenever we crossed paths. The whole staff is just like this, and it is such an amazing feeling you have when you are there. The Inn is my second home. The bigger resorts are nice, but not nearly as personal. THAT is what makes the Inn the place you should stay. You can always take the shuttle to the bigger resorts if you want to try some of the other restaurants, or do some water sports. But if you are looking for AMAZING, GENUINE, KIND, FRIENDLY, ACCOMMODATING, EXCELLENT SERVICE STAFF- the Inn is your place. Oh, i almost forgot: the behind the scenes housekeeping staff kept our room clean and tidy. Thank you for always delivering the resort activity paper, AKA Footprints, each night during turn down service. That was really helpful! It gave me the ability to plan my adventures for the next day and take the shuttle when needed. I really really had an amazing trip, like I always do. The Inn is family, not just a hotel or resort. You make friends with the entire staff and it is so sad to leave each time. "now that i am leaving, water comes to my eyes" THANK YOU ALL for making this trip another one for the record books.

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