Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, Casino and Spa

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    Worst experience from a hotel thus far

    Reviewed by Ashleymelinda(New York City, New York) on Aug 21, 2019

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    After being up from 5 am and traveling all day, my family of 10 and I get to the hotel and check it around 2:30.The people at the front desk told us that our 3 rooms would be ready in the next 30 minutes. We ended up grabbing something to eat and came back around 4:30 . We waited back on the long check in line just to be told that our room wasn’t ready and to give them another 45 minutes. We come back in an HOUR and our room still isint ready and we were told that it was our fault because we didn’t call ahead of time. it was chaos in the lobby, With many others experiencing the same problem. They were giving rooms that already had people in it, they gave my other family member a room that was dirty and not to mention we had two small children with us. We didn’t end up getting a room until 6:00.Our whole first day was wasted on just getting a room which should’ve been the quickest thing to do. The manager by the name of Cynthia was barely of any help and was frazzled by all the people who were upset. This was a bad start to my week long vacation, no one should have to wait 5 hours for a room.

    Save your money

    Reviewed by MartinExplorers(Miami, Florida) on Aug 21, 2019

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    I had read the bad reviews and we still decided to give this place a chance, but what a mistake! Firstly, the choices for food are terrible. The only sit-down options for dinner are with reservations. That wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that almost all the slots are booked before you even arrive, so good luck. We were able to book 2 nights out of the 7 we'll be here and we have yet to eat at either of those restaurants so I can't comment on that. Aside from that, your options are the buffet or Ascot Pub which has been out of several menu items both times we've gone and the food they do have is overcooked and takes an atrociously long time to arrive. As for the buffets,the dinner options are average but don't vary much from night to night. During breakfast be prepared to stand and wait 20 minutes for each station to be refilled so by the time you fill your whole plate your meal is cold. The drinks are all watered down. Even if you order straight rum or vodka it tastes as if the alcohol itself has been watered down. The resort's saving grace is the fact that the property it sits on is beautiful. The customer service is hit-or-miss, with some staff members going above and beyond, and others being quite rude. My brother went down for a beer at 12:30 am and was told by the bartender that he couldn't serve him because he was done at 1am. While service like that is inexcusable when you're spending your hard-earned money, I chalk it up to the fact that Sonesta seems to be understaffed and most of the employees are working their butts off. Aside from the pizza place, there is no place to get a snack during the day. There's a coffee shop in the lobby with sandwiches that run out early in the day and never get restocked. If you have kids, you'll find yourself going to the market down the road to look for snacks to keep in your room. The rooms are fine as they seem to be recently renovated. If you get an island view room, be prepared to stare at an ugly roof every time you look outside. Not a deal-breaker for us, but my parents who are celebrating their 40th anniversary on this trip are extremely disappointed. They've stated this has been the worst resort experience they've ever had which is shame considering this was a celebratory trip. Despite everything, we've determined to make the most of our stay. However, we're on day 4 of our trip and we won't be sad to leave Sonesta Maho Bay in the least.

    Sonesta Maho Beach Resort

    Reviewed by rwm104() on Aug 21, 2019

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    Our family just returned from 5 days at Sonesta Maho. We are glad we took the advice of our travel agent and booked this resort and took some of the reviews with a grain of salt. The resort sits on a compact area and shares some space with Sonesta Ocean Point, the adults-only sister resort. The beach is good sized and is soft sand and rockless. Great for swimming or just lounging. Beautiful blue water, nice waves and not too crowded. The planes landing and taking off at the airport can be a bit loud but, its brief and actually fun to watch. We booked 3 pool/ocean view rooms and that is exactly what we got. Check in took about 20 minutes. We arrived before 3:00pm but 2 of our rooms were ready. The 3rd room was ready about a 1/2 hour later. The rooms were nicely furnished, clean and cool. Our fridge wasn’t stocked when we got to the room but, was filled later that afternoon. The pillows and mattress were extremely comfortable and all of us slept well. Reservations for the a la carte restaurants were a bit difficult to secure. A lot were filled before we even arrived. But, checking back several times allowed us to book, though not all together sometimes. If you check at the actual restaurant, they have cancellations and no-shows so you should get table. The Point was delicious. The Palms Grill was different, but good. Jings was not to my taste though many seemed to enjoy it. We ate at the buffet for all breakfasts and most lunches. The menu was normal for breakfast. There is an omelet station or for custom eggs, lots of pastries, fruit, cereal etc. There were some complaints that the food ran out. The only time I saw food nearly depleted was near their closing time. People shouldn’t expect all items to be replenished 10 minutes before closing. Wasting food drives cost up. My advice? Don’t wait til late to grab your breakfast. The bars were pretty well stocked. Bartenders were friendly and most were good mixers. Special thanks to Cheryl at the Point Bar. One of the sweetest people we had the fortune to meet during our stay. And a great bartender, too. The staff were all friendly and helpful, at least everyone I interacted with. The people charged with keeping pool and beach areas clean had their work cut out for them as many guests left garbage wherever they went and were likely the first ones to comment if it was not debris-free. Picking up after yourself is something you should have learned as a child. After all, you are a GUEST. Our room was always cleaned thoroughly. Fresh, clean, towels and sheets daily. Our housekeeper, Beatrice was a wonderful soul. Down to earth and a heart-warming person. And a hard worker. Thanks to her for everything. All in all a super vacation. Pretty resort, decent food, friendly people and a reasonable price. The weather was gorgeous, the island is beautiful. We enjoyed our stay.

    Sonesta Maho Beach

    Reviewed by John M(Austin ) on Aug 20, 2019

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    First, let me say that there were some individuals who went over and beyond to provide great customer service. Esmond Flemming ("Superman") was OUTSTANDING! He was friendly, attentive, and very responsive. He was very kind to my wife and I, and we appreciated him! Quon, one of the bellboys/front desk, was also REALLY GOOD! He was extremely friendly and we grew very fond of him. Julia at Nexus had the prettiest smile of any of the female employees! She was kind to us and assisted us with off resort activities. Lastly, Diane in the restaurant was the best hostess at the resort. These individuals should ALL be promoted. Esmond and Quon are WAY better than the "so-called" managers at the front desk! Diane was the only hostess who actually cared about providing great service at the restaurant! Unfortunately, the rest of the staff fell short! Most were unattentive! The front desk workers were rude, and very rarely tried to solve any issues. As we checked in, they gave me and my wife double beds, but gave other patrons single beds! The front desk workers were NOT observant! Why does it take 20 minutes to check in one patron! And one of the managers had the audacity to get on Quon! Because he was in the lobby actually trying to help people! They seemed like they needed a LOT of training! There was one intern who actually was pretty good. Other tha him, those ladies were bad, to be honest. Housekeeping was mediocre....getting towels was like mining for gold! Even though they are incredibly overworked! The food at the restaurants was horrible! No seafood, but you are right by the ocean??? The food was just there to sustain you, not satisfy your hunger! Not to mention the lines! How is there a line at a buffet??? And apparently they ran out of Coke on the island, because we couldn't get one! Asked for a Sprite, and we got one with whiskey! The service was so bad, it became funny to us! People were so angry in line....I cannot count how many times we had to wait to get served. The hostesses were so busy doing nothing. Never seen a buffet with such limited items....although it would just be more bad food! Getting a "reservation" was a joke! The kiosks rarely worked, and we were not even able to get a decent reservation. The best food we ate was at the Italian restaurant down the street from the resort and the grocery store! The beach was gorgeous! Water was amazing and we just decided to make the best experience. But the resort does not live up to the motto of the "friendly island!" Sonesta should be ashamed of themselves! We recognize that the island is bouncing back from the hurricane, but did Irma ruin the customer service? We have gone to resorts in other places in the Caribbean, and we felt special in those places! The beach salvages your experience in St. Martin! BTW, we went to great lengths to not complain while there. We didn't think it would change much anyway! With the exception of the individuals listed at the start of this review, Sonesta Maho Beach was well BELOW our expectations! Every guest that we talked to shared the same opinions! Beautiful island! HORRIBLE service! Kudos again to Esmond, Quon, Julia, and Diane!!!!! Put them in charge and maybe things will turn around!

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    A work in Progess

    Reviewed by gypsy36(P|A) on Aug 20, 2019

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    The resort is still being repaired in places but we did not really have any issues like others reported. We had hot water and the buffet never ran out of food. Reservations for the restaurants were hard to get even though we got them as soon as we got there. We were only able to get three in the week we were there. The food was OK but for sure nothing to write home about. The best night was the beach BBQ. Entertainment was also very limited. There were many nights that there was none while we were there. Customer service was also lacking in most areas. I did not go for the food or the entertainment. I went for the beach/water and it was amazing!! It looks in person like the pictures you see on the internet. I would return just for the beach/water and this is what will help this resort to stay in business.

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