Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, Casino and Spa

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    Friendly Island but sickness throughout resort

    Reviewed by lisa2016feb(Ottawa, Canada) on Feb 17, 2020

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    Travelled Feb 6-13, family of 3. We were one of the many unlucky travelers to come down with a food-borne or stomach illness on our 2nd day of vacation however atleast our vacation wasn't completely ruined. I just wish i had seen the reviews (ongoing in Jan )about this before. Some Guests we met stated they called their booking rep and sunwing advised them it was all cleared up which it was clearly wasn't. Sunwing needs to be making their customers aware! I do have to say I give A for effort to the resort for removing the self-serve at buffet and ensuring hand sanitizer at every restaurant, elevator, entrance and ensured used. The resort should also look into food contamination. St.Maarten is a beautiful island inside and out. The resort is really nice with a walk-able beach and there is rental chairs down further. They had a variety of food choices. Not sure if it was because of the illnesses but it was apparent some staff were very irritated and unhappy but have to say don't let that put a negative on the majority. We loved the shops on the strip and once feeling better was able to walk to Mullet Bay Beach and enjoyed a little Cafe called Creperie Cape Cafe, amazing cappuccino and crepes. 2nd last day we needed to get off the resort as tired of hearing and thinking about sickness. We rented a car from hertz and toured the entire island, got to see the locals along with the separation of the french side and Dutch side.

    Smile Be Happy

    Reviewed by 667stevenn() on Feb 16, 2020

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    Pros and cons to our trip, let’s start with the cons so we can end on a positive note. Cons arriving at Sonesta and being told that we weren’t VIP when my email from Tatiana clearly stats it and when forwarding it to her it then got sent to Manani who I never heard from. She never took care of anything just always passed it on for that you get (2 stars) We are very easy people so we just deal with the things that happen and try not to make a big deal about it. We then go to our room that Is supposed to be pool/ocean view and thank god the wind blew so we could see the pool from behind a beautiful tropical tree?? Once again going to the front desk I was told that our room was classified as a pool/ocean so deal with it which we did and also asked one more time about the free wine in my email to Tatiana for being VIP and got nothing. Let’s go to dinner I would suggest throwing the kiosks in the ocean because if it wasn’t for Anne Nelson we would have been eating at the buffet all week. All where confirmed but when we got to the palms grill they had nothing but since we we’re just two they let it slide. One again Anne squares things away and we did enjoy dinner every night (5 stars for Anna) Need to work on the venting for the sewer it doesn’t go well with the pool drinks. Pros The staff outside, cleaning rooms and the restaurants my hats off to you because dealing with some of these people in this world is just a joke and we thank you for your hard work (keep smiling 5 stars) I hope my little video goes thru for all to watch but if not we personally want to acknowledge and thank these individuals for making our Vacation great!!! Akeem, Jonathan, Meena, Big Eddie, Gipssy, Randall and Doreen (5 stars) See you all again when we come back to the island. @prospectacresocr @steven.general.nelson

    Solo, Sun, Fun, and Relaxation @ Maho!

    Reviewed by Carpevacay() on Feb 16, 2020

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    Big thank you to all of my new found friends at Sonesta Maho! From the moment I arrived through check out, I felt welcomed. Special thank you to Alfred, Soshanna, Charonah, Nelson, Cassie, Kevins (bar and front desk), Aidan, Daimon, Eddie, Nigel, the hostesses at the Palms and Azul, and the countless others who helped make my solo stay more than comfortable. Also, please visit the tour desk and guest services, they provided me with excellent advice like motion sickness pills for the excursion to St. Bart’s (due to rough seas on my day trip) and thoughts on my itinerary. I felt safe going to casino and night clubs. Lastly, they are constantly cleaning which is great because it’s flu season. I look forward to future visits.


    Reviewed by RMC_MMC() on Feb 16, 2020

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    We are a family of four. Two days into our stay our eldest started having stomach cramps, throwing up and experiencing diarrhea. Youngest followed. We have spent day in the room dealing with illness. There is an outbreak of something that they can’t seem to sort out or get under control. The place is quasi abandoned... Viral outbreak aside, The place itself is a disaster. The pool is small and needs to be renovated as the lining is very damaged. There is no beach. They have access to a small strip of a ‘beach’ which is shared with the public and which has no beach chairs for use and in no way a restful place. No evening entertainment and nothing to do following dinner for kids. Food is mediocre at best. We were drawn here because the pricing was so attractive. You get what you pay for! Having travelled to over 15 countries...what a disappointment. Just want to return home.

    Anniversary trip not to remember!

    Reviewed by leep210(Georgina, Canada) on Feb 16, 2020

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    I don’t normally post things and we usually take other postings lightly however this time Should have taken a little more thought in what others wrote! There Is a problem at the resort! Being that this was our 30th wedding anniversary... We were very excited! We had read the reviews about the “bug” going around and as we weren’t able to change our plans we packed hand sanitizer and cleaners to clean our room. We arrived on Sunday and my husband cleaned the entire room With professional grade cleaner and we were consistent with the hand sanitizer. I will say, the hotel is small but has lots of potential. We ate at the buffet (breakfast and dinner) and my husband got sick Tuesday. couldn’t leave the room all day Wednesday. I asked the Sunwing reps and they at first disregarded it. Then said they would get ginger ale and crackers sent up. We went to get vitamin water and rehydration power from the pharmacy. We ate off resort Thursday and then Friday after the Buffet and I got Ill. Spent our anniversary in the bathroom and again sunwing said we will get ginger ale and crackers. FOUR HOURS later my husband went down and asked and the front desk said they forgot. The biggest issue Really is.... although putting hand sanitizer and having staff serving the food is a step in the right direction.... there are so many getting ill and it should be taken seriously!! We did not speak with one person who didn’t have at least one of their family effected! Our room-We paid for a premier island view room and it was a great view of the airplanes leaving which was nice however..... EVERY NIGHT at 10:30pm -3:00 the music BLARING from the bar across the street was LOUD as if we were in the bar!! I recommend if you do decide to go to this hotel ask for a room in a quieter area! The hotel says there isn’t a high percentage of people reporting they are sick, which is not at All what we witnessed. We encourage if you do go and fall ill, report it to the hotel as well as your travel rep! We made the best of our vacation of the days we weren’t ill but I would say if you have an opportunity to stay elsewhere please do!!