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Shipping a dog in pet cargo

Pets in cargo

We’re going farther for your shipments than ever before

WestJet Cargo has always gone above and beyond to provide safe and reliable shipping for our guests and their businesses. Now we’re going even further, and farther. WestJet Cargo offers air cargo, shipping and freight service through much of our existing network — and with a new Dreamliner fleet our destinations continue to grow.

WestJet Cargo organizes the safe transportation for your domestic pets and can help you ship a wide variety of products from business supplies to gifts and household goods, to live animals and perishable products like fresh vegetables and frozen food.

Dry Ice

Dangerous goods

Medical vials in a packing tray

Shipping active pharma

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Call 1-866-952-2746 (1-403-444-2435) or email service@westjetcargo.com to book a one-time shipment with WestJet Cargo.

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