Seat selection

Front, back, window or aisle, optional seat selection is available on flights with WestJet, WestJet Encore, WestJet Vacations and for group bookings unless otherwise mentioned. Travelling with one of our airline partners? Be sure to familiarize yourself with their seating options as they may differ from ours.

For all WestJet operated flights, you can select your seat while booking your flight online, or up to the time of check in on Manage trips and entering your reservation code and last name.

Manage my seat

Connecting to a partner airline?

If your itinerary includes any flights operated by one of our airline partners you will not be able to select a seat for the partner-operated portion of your travel. Visit the partner website for details.

On a charter flight?

Seat selection is available at airports only, as we must verify your travel documents and collect necessary information upon check-in.

If you have an existing reservation, purchased for any fare but Basic, you can change or select a seat by going to Manage trips and entering your reservation code and last name.

Seat selection or change fees may apply. See all seat fees.

Manage my seat

We understand that not everyone has the same comfort levels when it comes to travel.  In recognition of this, we have reassessed our policy to incorporate the following changes to give comfort to those who are concerned:

  1. See what seats are selected: During, or even after you've checked in, you have up to 1 hour before departure to see which seats are occupied and select or change your seat. Fare type may affect eligibility and change fees.
    *Note that flight loads are dynamic and not guaranteed until ten minutes prior to departure.
  2. Cancel or rebook with no penalty: Should you not be comfortable flying on that flight, trips can be rebooked within a three-day time period at no cost or the fare will be refunded to voucher for the full value of the flight;
  3. Flexibility on board: Once on board the aircraft we are making every effort to avoid seating our guests next to each other should the aircraft flight load allow for it.
    As a reminder, we have extended our vouchers so that they can be used for up to 24 months.

Seat selection fees vary based on your fare bundle and the type of seat you select. A fee is charged for each flight segment on connecting flights, both to and from your destination.

See seat selection fees

Can I still select my seat if I don't want to pay the fee?

You can skip the fee in three ways:

  1. Skip seat selection and have your seat assigned automatically at time of check in
  2. Take advantage of fare bundle benefits with advance seat selection for standard seats in EconoFlex, or preferred seats in Premium and Business.
  3. WestJet Rewards seat selection vouchers for Silver, Gold and Premium members.
    Learn about WestJet Rewards benefits

Why should I select my seat before my flight’s departure date?

If you skip seat selection, your seat will be automatically assigned when you check in so you may not be sitting with your travel partner or in your preferred aisle seat.

You will be prompted to select new seats for any segments you are changing.

Seat fees are non-refundable within 24 hours of scheduled departure, with the exception of full itinerary cancellations made more than two hours before the originally scheduled time of departure.

Business seats

Business seats are available on our 787 Dreamliner with:

  • Private pod with lie-flat seats and direct aisle access
  • 46 inch seat pitch for extra leg room and 22 inch width seat
  • Four-way lumbar support with custom-designed pillows and blankets

All the benefits of Business

Premium seats

Premium seats are available in our Economy cabin on our Dreamliner aircraft with:

  • 38 inch pitch for extra leg room, greater recline and a wider seat
  • There are no middle seats
  • Footrest

Premium seats are available on our 737 aircraft with:

  • 33-36 inch pitch for extra leg room

Premium on WestJet Encore's Q400 aircraft:

If you’re seated in Premium you still have priority boarding, early access to overhead bins and the first to disembark the plane, however, the seats do not have extra legroom.

All the benefits of Premium


  • Seats not reserved prior to boarding Premium will be available for purchase by guests travelling on Econo and EconoFlex fare types during the check-in window.
  • Guests seated in row 40 may encounter gathering guests and other activity around and behind their row due to their proximity to the rear lavatories and galley.

Exit-row seats

Exit-row seats offer additional legroom. For safety reasons you must meet the exit row seating restrictions.

Extra leg room seats

These are the rows after our Premium seats, and before our exit-row seats. These seats offer a few more inches of leg room, as well as first to earlier disembark the aircraft upon landing.

Standard seats

Standard seats make up the remaining spots on our aircraft. We offer the same great WestJet customer service that you have come to know us for, no matter where you’re seated.

See the layout or seat map for all WestJet aircraft

The seats below may have no recline:

737-600: Row 9, 20ABC, 21DE, 737-700: Row 10, 737-800/Max 8: Row 12,13,30

Your itinerary will be marked as Mixed Cabin when a seat in Business is not available on one or more of your flight segments. When this is the case, you will be seated in the Premium cabin.

We will make our best effort to seat you with your children, for no extra charge.

When you book your flights online you can ensure that you are seated with your children under 14 if you:

  1. Provide the date of birth of all guests under 14
  2. Select your seats together when you book your flight

If you don’t see enough seats together on the seat map, we’ll do our best to seat you together – to be sure, you can call 1-888-937-8538 and reserve your seats with a call centre agent.

Depending on your special need, fare type and the seats available, we will attempt to seat you in the best location possible. Other  seating accommodations may be available based on a case-by-case assessment of your needs.

When you contact us for a group of 10 or more guests, just mention that you'd like to have your group seated together, and we will work with you to find the best available option.

Many of our guests enjoy the extra leg room offered in the emergency exit row seats. Before requesting these seats, you should know that these seats have some additional restrictions and as such, to travel in an emergency exit row seat, you must:

  • Be 16 years of age or older.
  • Be able to speak English or French for an emergency exit briefing or if they choose a seat receiving the emergency exit briefing.
  • Have sufficient mobility, strength and dexterity to operate the emergency exit (i.e. must be able bodied).
  • Be able to visually determine if the exit is safe to open.
  • Not require special handling or the use of a mobility aid or medical device.
  • Not require the use of an oxygen concentrator or cylinder.
  • Not be travelling with an animal in the cabin.
  • Not be solely responsible for another person.
  • Not have a condition that might cause them bodily harm by operating the exit.
  • Not require a seatbelt extender as this presents a tripping hazard.


If you choose to select an emergency exit row seat and the flight crew identifies that you are not qualified based on the above restrictions, you will be moved to another seat.

To select a seat or add seats to your booking, please visit My trips or contact WestJet Vacations at 1-877-737-7001 between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. MT.

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