In Canada, no two places are the same. From fireworks in Vancouver to parades in Newfoundland, we know how to celebrate, and make every moment count. Create your very own uniquely Canadian moments this summer, book today.

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Calgary, AB

“I was reading this book I picked up at a local bookstore from the friendliest man. Looking out over the city, seeing the mountains in the background, the sun shining. It was perfect, a truly perfect moment”

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Toronto, ON

“This place has endless things to discover. A lot of unexpected ones, too. This, here, this is what happiness feels like to me. You need to find a moment like this”

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Vancouver, BC

“Mom used to take me to harbour fronts a lot as a kid. It was our thing. We’d sit and have an ice cream and just watch the boats. Vancouver is special in that way. Something about this city reminds me of her. It reminds me of home.”

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Edmonton, AB

“Life can get busy. But this, wow. It really makes you realize how small you are and how beautiful and big our world is. These mountains have a way of really grounding you. It’s quite inspiring.”

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Winnipeg, MB

“It’s the smell of the air, the stillness of it all, the endless horizon of pastel colours above. It's unreal. I mean, I can’t really describe it, but it’s special.”

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Ottawa, ON

“This place has a lot to love. So many beautiful parks and trails. We just stopped, enjoyed each other's company, and admired everything around us.”

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Halifax, NS

“There’s something about the friendliness of the locals that really stand out to me here. As I walked the waterfront, I just had to stop for a second and take it all in.”

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