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Starting with your first dollar and up to $2,999 in 12-month spend, you’ll enjoy a 1% earn rate on eligible WestJet flights. Keep flying with us and you’ll be on your way to earning even more.

European Air Passengers Rights Regulation

In line with guidelines set out by the European Air Passengers Rights Regulation (261/2004), you may be entitled to compensation for the interruption in your travel plans.

Account overview

Sign in to your WestJet Rewards account. See your WestJet dollar balance, recent transactions and an overview of your Rewards in one convenient place. 

Change password

Change the password you use to log in to your WestJet Rewards account. Login to create your new password here.

Connect Facebook account

Link your account to Facebook. Connect your WestJet Rewards account with Facebook for one-click sign in.

Travel documents

Book and check in with ease by adding your travel documents to your WestJet Rewards profile. Sign in to add your passport, NEXUS, Known traveler number and more.

WestJet Rewards program, account sign in

WestJet Rewards is the WestJet frequent flyer and loyalty program. Sign up or sign in to your account to earn and redeem WestJet dollars, get offers and more.

Missing WestJet Rewards

If you didn't receive or are missing WestJet dollars for previous travel, or forgot to add your WestJet Rewards ID, you can submit a missing rewards request here and get the rewards you've earned.

Transaction history

Sign in to view your WestJet dollars transaction history. View your previous flight details including your eligible flight spend, WestJet dollars earned and your WestJet dollars redeemed. 

Manage communications, notifications

Manage your communication preferences. Select the notifications and reminders you would like to receive. Stay in the know about seat sales, vacation deals, WestJet Rewards exclusive offers and more.

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