Holiday Inn & Suites Across from Universal Orlando®

3.0 star rating

Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Not acceptable

    Reviewed by 4EverAndADay(Ocoee, Florida) on Apr 13, 2021

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    We cut our stay short because the accommodations were not acceptable... and we were actually in an upgraded room! The door would not latch properly-you had to slam it to get it to latch which is very disturbing to other guests. The room next to ours, had the same problem with their door. Every door handle on the dresser was broken. The refrigerator didn’t work. The ice machine didn’t work. Half of the security lock was missing on our door so we piled our luggage against the door for security. When I tried to call the front desk about the problems, no one answered. So I tried to call the manager on duty and no one answered that phone either. I went down to the front desk and informed the desk person we would be checking out early due to the accommodations. The hallway was filthy. The carpeting did not appear to be stained but it looked as though it had not been vacuumed in weeks. There was supposed to be a regular shuttle to Universal Studios, but apparently regular means once in the morning. Don’t be deceived by the attractive, modern exterior, because once you pass the lobby, you do so at your own risk.

    Major disappointment

    Reviewed by 5BeansMom(Tracy, California) on Apr 11, 2021

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    Booked this hotel as part of our Universal Package. At the time of booking (10 days prior to departure) it was stated as free breakfast and free shuttle. Upon arriving the breakfast was kids eat free and the shuttle had to be booked in person the day before at 7am. We arrived later afternoon and found out that not only was the shuttle booked, but it's shared with 2 other hotels and only runs 4 times to and 4 times back, the last return being 2 hours before the parks even close. Seems very backwards. We also had issues with the internal phone system. It wouldn't connect us to the front desk, or they just didn't answer. Trying the operator just sent us to some manager's voice mail. In addition, some of the hotel is undergoing some renovations, so the path to the pool is a major lawsuit waiting to happen. The stone path in not lit very well, has a ladder about halfway leaning over it between the 2 buildings and the stones had started to become loose and pop out during our stay ( 6 nights). We ended up opting to Uber and then take a taxi to and from the parks since their shuttle setup was going work for us. Also, there's a guy who claims to be the hotel's " Taxi" service with his minivan and has no such identification. And he's a bit creepy. No thanks! The one saving grace in this hotel was the TGI Friday's attached to it. Next time we'll stay elsewhere where the offer what they say.

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    ??..... disappointing

    Reviewed by 319lawandab() on Apr 06, 2021

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    our stay here was not okay. for all these people saying they had lovely and clean rooms? it couldn’t have been here. i loved the proximity to the park. we were able to walk there. the lobby looks great and that’s where it ends. our room was dirty, dark and dank! looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed thoroughly in a while. we were almost afraid to lay down. on one the headboard was peeling and pillows covered it. all the furniture is dated, dirty, damaged and old. after booking, i read reviews and was a little mortified. i really wanted to switch hotels, but was afraid i’d lose my money. i brought my own cleaning supplies to clean our room since housekeeping is apparently only available for a 5 day stay or longer. we had to get towels daily. there were stains on the carpet and bedding. sheets were clean (i hope ??) i sprayed lysol until we choked! white powder kept falling from the ceiling leaving residue on our belongings. tv went in and out. the front desk may as well have put up a sign that said complaints. i never saw any staff except front desk from 4/2 to 4/6. we saw housekeeping for the first time on 4/6 as we were checking out. the staff was clearly unbothered and just didn’t seem to be customer service oriented, as if checking people in was one of the most mundane things they could be doing. it’s a shame people are spending their hard earned income to pay for a place you can barely relax in. the doors to the rooms don’t even close on their own. we saw many doors open with do not disturb signs on. poor souls probably didn’t even know their doors were ajar all night while they slept! i hated the stay and apologized repeatedly to my kids. it was a jarring experience to have our beautiful vacation ruined by this hotel stay. we couldn’t even take pictures in our room. it was embarrassing. i can’t believe i paid for this!

    This place is a DUMP!!!!

    Reviewed by barbre(Frostproof, Florida) on Apr 06, 2021

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    We visited this place for Spring Break and to celebrate my granddaughter’s 15th birthday. What a complete and utter disappointment. We checked in with no difficulty. We go up to our rooms and opened the door and the horrible musty mildew smell hit us. It smelled like wet musty towels. There was leftover food in the refrigerator. Clearly this room had not been cleaned thoroughly and with Covid!!! Come on, at least clean the room appropriately! We had booked a 2 bedroom suite and there was only one towel in the entire 2 bathroom suite. I call down to the front desk and no one ever answers. I try my cellphone and call the main number, again no one answers. Glad there was no emergency. As I am on the phone, my granddaughter is checking around the room and finds a half eaten crustable sandwich in the closet. Again, clearly not cleaned! I go down to the front desk and complain. They can’t move us to another room because there are none available. I was told to check back the next day to be moved. I come back up to the room after getting towels because there are none in the room. We find used washcloths hanging on one of the shower curtains in the bathroom. I called corporate and complained and they took the information and gave me a reference number. I never heard back from anyone. We checked out the next day and found a different hotel.

    Decent hotel but needs updates

    Reviewed by I5252IAamandas() on Apr 04, 2021

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    Hotel was decent but dated.. You can tell they are trying to fix it up but they have a ways to go for sure. Desk staff was super nice and helpful. Especially when the Universal booking guy was not. When I mentioned an issue, they were quick to address and fix.