Dreams Dominicus La Romana

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    Seaside grill poor food and service

    Reviewed by steven b() on Jul 15, 2019

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    My family and I currently are staying at this so called 5 star hotel and unfortunately the service in the restaurants is really poor. Staff don’t serve you in a timely manner , and they forget drinks order and seem not to care and no More so than tonight’s experience in the seaside grill. The greeting by the staff member was simply yes and then she preceded to forget to deliver drinks having disappeared for over 10 minutes and no visible staff at all even though the restaurant was quite empty. When the food finally was served This was appalling with chips that were overcooked dry and rubbery. The chicken was dry as for the ribs they were simply just pure fat. The staff forgot the side orders and when advised just grunted and served the sweet corn that could have smashed a window it was that raw. When plates cleared no comments made by the female server and my family just got up and walked out Do not eat there as you will be waiting ages for poor food and very poor service . We have another 10 nights of this standard of food and service to experience. In the world cafe where we then went into my wife and I ordered drinks and had to chase this up twice as staff couldn’t be bothered to deal with something so basic This is not a 5 star hotel for food and service as the standard is unacceptably poor and needs to be sorted.


    Reviewed by 1968jen2() on Jul 15, 2019

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    I loved everything about this resort! I never wanted to leave! The staff was amazing and made the trip that much more enjoyable. The shows and activities are so fun and the beach and pool area is beautiful! Extra special shoutout to Brillo, Chema, Champion, and Francel...they are excellent and I will never forget them! I highly recommend staying here. Great resort for a family!

    Great resort......with a few issues

    Reviewed by brindlebullies(Pittsburgh,PA) on Jul 15, 2019

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    Let me preface this review with the fact that my husband and I are very familiar and have stayed at many AMResorts throughout the Caribbean and many many more. When I review, I compare and think how the resort can benefit being there is much competition within the industry. As I review Dreams Dominicus, I am sitting poolside and on my last day of my 5 day vacation. We traveled with two children 7 and 15 and stayed in a Preferred Swim up through our UVC membership. Arrived at the resort and everything went extremely well. We were not provided the drinks requested upon arrival but truly no big deal for us. Although our room was not ready until 4PM which was slightly inconvenient, it wasn’t a huge issue. We packed our suits/flips in our carry on and changed in the bathroom and went swimming. Room was great in Preferred Swim up. Building 53. Plenty of pools and activities. Some reviews mentioned the construction and while we were at the resort, there was nothing occurring next door. Not a peep. Some reviews mentioned a small beach. I have to disagree. There was plenty of swim space. The lounge chairs were a little close but certainly plentiful and plenty of leisure swim space. Another benefit that this resort has is no UVC hassles. Other AMResorts hassle you all day to participate in the timeshare presentation. I’m a holder and still would get hassled to upgrade. This resort does not do that. Huge plus! Here’s where I feel the resort lacked which was mentioned by other reviewers: Friendliness of workers: very very few seemed happy or even acknowledged the guest. This is odd for AMResorts. Bartenders: Waited each day approximately 15 minutes per drink. They are extremely understaffed. They need a separate drink cabana for kids drinks. None of the tenders are friendly and actually seemed irritated. I would be too if I had zero help and understaffed. Food: Bountiful but not very good. I’m not one to complain about food but it was not delicious. Been to other resorts even other AMResorts and this is the worst. The poor workers at the buffet are terribly overworked and there is nothing but chaos there. Dinner last night, we never got drinks. Breakfast today, nothing again. This is managements fault not the workers. They were working their hardest and couldn’t keep up. Dirty dishes stacked throughout and people lined up outside. They have 5 workers to spray a foam gun for entertainment while your lacking in staff in the food service department? Hibachi restaurant: only same day reservations starting at 1500 hours? Bad move. I understand the reason but when you only have two hibachi tables.......bad move. Folks its booked within 20 minutes so be in line by 1445. AMResorts this is a disgrace! Why even have it? Expand it or get rid of it. If there is a wedding etc. forget getting in. Coco cafe was told no decaf? Again we’ve been to many CoCo cafes and never had an issue. I then asked for four donuts to go and she wrapped them in a napkin? Other resorts would’ve plated and plastic wrapped them. Today I asked for a Cafe Tiramisu which was on the menu and she advised me no liquor! Then why have any drinks with liquor on the menu. Suggestion.... have a daily drink menu. Preferred lunch at beach. Hotdogs but no condiments? Many people were not happy. Don’t offer the hotdogs then. Hotdogs are available on the other side of the beach anyways. This is being picky but folks please understand that this industry is all competition. Little issues set things apart from other resorts and business is business. Last awful issue is the middle pool which is from my understanding, the quiet adult only pool. They need signs advising the pool is quiet and adults only. As the day goes on, it’s a mess. Anything but quiet and relaxing. If that’s the intention, place signs around the pool deck. One great thing this resort has is immaculate grounds. Not one piece of garbage anywhere. Another great thing that most don’t have is locked access to the Preferred Sections. You have to use a room key to get access and the other pool is on other side of resort that is secluded. I love this about the resort. This is a great resort with incredible water. Management you will lose business. Get up to par with food, friendliness and help your poor food service workers. I love the Dominican Republic and travel numerous times with no issues with safety, food, health. I am certain of the criteria for AMResort workers and they promote friendliness. At Zoetry, every worker walking by says hello including landscapers. Although Zoetry is a slightly higher level, AMResorts does promote friendliness. Several mangers were walking around and none greeted guests. Set the example management. In closing, I would go back with my kids but would look into others as well first and then weigh my options. Would I return with just my husband or I? No. I would go to Zoetry where it’s flawless. Best parts of the resort: Water, size and number of pools, immaculate grounds and rooms are very nice! Worst parts of the resort: Lack of friendliness, quality of food and lack or organization of restaurant services. Management: Little things count. Please take my notes as positive criticism. You operate a fabulous resort! Pay attention to the little things. It’s a tough industry and it is a good resort which is why I’m giving it four stars could honestly be five with some little attention. I am available if any traveler has questions :)

    Vacation of a lifetime!

    Reviewed by 679stans(Moro) on Jul 15, 2019

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    The Dominican Republic is alive and well. My family and I just returned from Dreams Dominicus and LOVED IT!!! The media is all wrong. Go to the Dominican Republic and have a great time. You wont be sorry!!! And the people are the nicest you will find in the world!!!

    a very good experience

    Reviewed by AUDRYGOMEZSAINT() on Jul 15, 2019

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    The hotel is very nice and the food is very good. My kids have a lot of fun, they loved every pool and the pizzas :) the night shows are also great. One of my daughter says is the best hotel that se has visited

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