Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort

4.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 4 and 5 stars. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services. 5 star - Exceptional accommodation with superior facilities and services.

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    Members do not get much

    Reviewed by mab841(New York City, New York) on Apr 13, 2021

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    Family of 6 stayed at the el Cid resort and spa. We began to be members after attending a breakfast that lasted the whole day about 5 years ago. As members of the resort, you would think that we would get a butler, special treatment. The only thing we get is an upgraded room, we still have to pay for food per person, per day. We still have to book reservations, no butler service. No premium lounge. The massage and spa people are very pushy, they give you their own prices and change it up every so often. They come up to you as you’re walking around, one guy gave us a “discounted” rate that was already the set price and said, “I am offering you a very discounted rate...” but then goes up to another couple and offers them a two for 1 deal. Very unprofessional. Members are not treated any different than regular guests that get a deal off of Expedia or trip advisor (except the upgraded room). I gave this three stars because we are still members at the resort, the views are great, even tho the beach is very rocky and cannot even go into the shore without tumbling over. The beach also has a lot of seaweed. The food is great, the service has improved. The drinks.... not so good (no premium Alcohol)

    El Cid Marina

    Reviewed by psanitro(Saint Louis, Missouri) on Apr 12, 2021

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    We have never been disappointed with our stays at El Cid...this was our 9th trip to Cancun and have a trip scheduled for April 30th. We have no complaints and if there are issues, our butler remedies the situation immediately.

    Nice resort but disappointed with broken promises and hidden fees

    Reviewed by schaef36(Oakland, Michigan) on Apr 08, 2021

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    We have been going to El Cid for many years and I usually have an enjoyable time however this year I was frustrated by a couple of broken promises and company policies that really bothered me and ruined several days of my vacation. My wife passed away a couple of years ago and I have young kids. I let the hotel know and asked them to remove her name from our reservation prior to our arrival. When we got there they repeatedly were calling out her name and asking where she was which got my kids upset. It did not start our vacation off on the right foot. When I asked again to remove her name from the reservation I was told they could only do so if I paid a $200 fee. I am not a fan of this policy and feel it is opportunistic and excessive. My frustrations were further enflamed the next day when I went to inquire about a couple of vouchers I had received several years earlier. I had been told they do not expire and their was no expiration on the voucher. The first person I talked to told me the voucher does not expire but since they were older I would have to pay the difference in price. I wasn't happy about this but I agreed to do so. When I went to book the tour I was sent back to the front office and this time was told the vouchers do expire although I was told otherwise and there was no expiration date listed on the voucher. My recommendation to anyone new accepting a voucher for anything to get as much detail in writing as possible. The front line employees here do a good job and the resort is nice - I wish the corporate office and back office would stop the nickel and diming and take care of their members in a better way.

    Eduardo is the best!!!

    Reviewed by Arlene M() on Apr 07, 2021

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    The staff is the best! It was my son’s birthday and they helped me to surprise him with a cake, all this was planned with the help and leadership of Eduardo (waiter in the French and Mercado restaurant)

    Relaxing vacation spot

    Reviewed by PaulM12487(Chicago) on Apr 07, 2021

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    The staff here is beyond amazing and so friendly you actually feel like you belong here. The restaurant reservation system could use a little updating but the food in the restaurants is very good night after night.