Experience the heights at Mystic Mountain

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Take the Sky Explorer chairlift over the lush forest canopy and you'll find your feet skimming the tops of almond trees. Passion fruit vines bear brilliantly coloured orbs that look like Christmas ornaments. But it's at the peak - 213 metres above sea level - where the real fun begins.

On the canopy tour, you'll glide a total span of 470 metres on five different ziplines. If you're a speed freak, take the 1,000-metre ride called Rainforest Bobsled. The solo roller coaster swoops through hairpin turns at 40 km/h in the jungle gorge. Both rides are open to kids age eight and older, but they must be at least 3'10" tall. There is also a waterslide and infinity pool overlooking Ocho Rios Bay, okay for kids big and small.

Age group: all ages