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The only golf course in the area, Negril Hills is a laid-back course. Starting just off the main highway, it rises away from the coast and into the hills outside the city. At 6,333 yards, the course is walkable but it has multiple elevation changes throughout, so riding in a cart may be a better option. The elevation changes come into play quickly. Five of the first nine holes either play uphill or feature elevated greens.

Come prepared to use an extra club or two at times. As an equalizer, there are also multiple downhill shot opportunities from elevated tee boxes. The views showcase the surrounding tropical mountainsides. The back nine features more raised tee boxes, further shortening the course.

Given that there is not one par four of more than 400 yards in length, it's obvious that scoring well at Negril Hills requires precision over power. Amid the roller-coaster ride of rising and falling hills, an ample amount of water comes into play as well. This further ups the ante on ball control.

The caddies at the course ensure you have a good time and it's not unusual to enjoy a post-round drink with your caddy inside the clubhouse. As the reggae music plays, rehash or relive your best and worst shots of the day. It's tempting to pick up your clubs once again and head out for a second ride up and over Negril Hills.