Dreams Sands Cancun Resort & Spa

4.0 star rating

Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Anniversary vacation

    Reviewed by verdiblanco2(Woodland, California) on Apr 05, 2020

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    Food, drinks, but specially rapid service was great, obviously kindness is a must in all employees... My family and I are happy that we chose you guys for our anniversary vacation. I hope to return soon to enjoy of the fantastic service offered by the whole staff. If I had to find something that I didn't like, it would be probably the bed mattress, which had signs of needing renewal soon. That would have made a total satisfaction. My rating would be a 97% overall.

    Great place to stay!

    Reviewed by kathyd717(Denver, Colorado) on Apr 03, 2020

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    Great location. The beach is beautiful and the food is AMAZING! Definitely do the preferred package if possible. Having access to the private pool and beach is worth it. Loved all the activities and entertainment. The entertainment staff is wonderful. Thanks, Luida, Osvaldo, Jose, Barush, Luis, Marco, Ivan, Alex and Victor for making our days fun! Dania was an exceptional employee always meeting our needs for water and other beverages. Honestly some of the best food I have ever experienced. My only complaint was the air conditioning in the room was not great.

    Pleasantly Surprised.

    Reviewed by Tom0228(McHenry, Illinois) on Apr 02, 2020

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    Let's start at the beginning. Check in was actually a breeze. We were offered a Balcony upgrade and took a look at the balcony room. Very Nice. We were offered a presentation by Antonio to pay part of the upgrade difference. We were going to be on property for two weeks and the offer was not to our satisfaction. I gave them a counter offer, they declined, end of discussion. We saw Antonio several times throughout our stay, he was always friendly, we continued to play the offer, counter offer game. Very light hearted and kind of fun. Our room was on the fifth floor, no balcony, nice view great bed, super air system and generally very quiet.Limited English channels on the TV , but we always found something. The fridge is small and refreshed daily. The pool music was usually over by about 9;30 os so. Once in a while there was a rowdy or two in the hallway but only till they found their room. We had no complaints about the room or the cleaning service. Two days our room was cleaned very late and they were apologetic about it. No complaints there. Plenty of hot water to shower. The food overall was very good with nice presentation. We never waited more than ten minutes for a table. We normally ate around 6;30 or so. Only one restaurant required long pants. Most required a shirt with sleeves for men, even the Buffet. All the wait and hostess staff were very friendly and helpful. Our only complaint was that at the Mexican restaurant, there really wasn't any Mexican fare offered. Kind of strange. The breakfast buffet always had what we were looking for, eggs, pancakes waffles, fresh fruit, you name it. The egg lady was awesome, sadly i can't recall her name. Karina and Estefania always made is feel welcome and after a few days Karina even remembered our names. The poolside Lunch Grille was AWESOME. He had ribs, chicken wings, hot dogs, burgers salads and some HOT veggies. Again I can't remember the cook's name but I did thank him often. Very well done. I can't forget the little Coffee Ice Cream Crepes stand off the Lobby. don't miss it. Little sandwiches and cookies too. The beach here is absolutely Beautiful. If you walk to the left there is a nice compacted beach to walk on, there are some very nice homes and boats to see. It is a nice half hour or so walk and a comfortable one as well. Going the other direction is up and down as you pass through other resorts, not as comfortable a walk. Beach drink service was spot on, Dania was our girl most days and knew what we wanted almost without being asked. Pool and beach chairs were never really an issue, You could always find one and if it wasn't in your favorite location, later on you could find one more to your liking. The Ocean was very comfortable, you could walk out 100 feet and just be waist deep. a couple of days there were some high winds and there were some good size waves due to wind shift. The Pools, one is heated , it has the pool bar and Roberto was always at the ready. Aerobics were usually done in the ocean, but some days in the pool, there were some poolside games and music throughout the day. The other pool is much cooler and we never saw more than three people in it. I'm not sure if it was some kind of Privileged Pool as it was near the Privileged beach. We were never approached about any kind of Privilege Program. If I owned the Resort I would create some kind of connector tunnel with a bridge between the two . Towels were never a problem, The Towel Stand is right behind the Pool Bar, Tania Bonita was there almost every day with a big inviting smile to start your day. It was the beginning of Spring Break and we me a lot of nice college kids. It is a Family Resort and there were a number of little ones, for the most part, not an issue. Overall the staff, food, atmosphere and location were very good. It's a ten minute walk to the Club and Shopping Zone and it felt very safe. That's our story and we would gladly return. Thank You for having us.

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    We would recommend.

    Reviewed by jll1981(Columbus, Ohio) on Apr 01, 2020

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			 out of 5

    Very clean property. The beach is absolutely beautiful. It is the best part of the resort. It was our 9 year anniversary trip and they treated us like gold. They did several nice things for our anniversary. It was very special to us. We plan on going back and hope to see some of the staff we got to know. The food was decent. We do plan to come back and cannot thank them enough for the beautiful room and everything they did! Shawn can’t wait to come back and get his daily fresh crepe!

    Great vaca

    Reviewed by debgcox() on Apr 01, 2020

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    I really enjoyed my vacation at Dream Sands Resort. I would definitely stay there again. The staff was very friendly and the food was amazing. I upgraded to the honeymoon suite and the room was spacious.