787 Spirit of WestJet

Beyond the Aircraft

Before ever leaving the runway, thousands of hours of preparation, training and care go into every WestJet flight. Beyond the Aircraft provides a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible measures our WestJetters take to ensure the comfort and safety of each and every guest. Discover what they do and the incredible team working together on every flight.

Meet the WestJetters behind your flight

John, Pilot

Venture beyond the aircraft with John for a glimpse of what it takes to be a WestJet Captain. Discover what drew John to flying and the dedicated team of WestJetters that supports him every time he takes to the skies.

Tim, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Thousands of hours of preparation go into every flight. And as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at WestJet, Tim accounts for many of them. Discover the incredible level of detail and care that goes into ensuring each and every WestJet aircraft is ready for takeoff.

Elisa, Cabin Crew Member

When it comes to WestJet’s Cabin Crew and the role they play, there’s more than meets the eye. Nobody knows this better than 15-year WestJetter, Elisa. Discover what she and her team do behind the scenes to ensure the best possible care for guests on every flight.

While the environment has changed, our commitment to your safety hasn't. The filming of this video series occurred prior to COVID-19 and our safety protocols have since been updated to include more than 20 additional safety measures. 

Safety Above All

Safety Above All

Feel safe under our wing. Prepare for your trip with our travel ready tips.