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Just 45 minutes or so north of Scottsdale, near the town of Carefree, the terrain takes a turn for the bizarre. Suddenly, all around you are gigantic granite boulders, stacked together in seemingly precarious formations. In reality, these 12 million-year-old rock piles are as solid as, well, rock.

If your teens are the adventurous sort, they won't be content to simply sit back and marvel at this Flintstones-like landscape. They'll want to see it up close. And what better way to do that than rock climbing? The adventure programming offered through The Boulders resort includes guided climbs up a 23-metre face, located on the resort grounds. Shoes and harnesses are provided, and no prior experience is necessary.

At the top, the reward is a unique bird's-eye view. Then it's a nail-biting rappel descent. The climbs are open to guests and non-guests, and can be booked year-round through the resort's Golden Door Spa.

Age group: age 12 and up