Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach

3.0 star rating

Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND!

    Reviewed by dejanellief() on Feb 19, 2021

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    My mother booked this all-inclusive resort to celebrate my little sisters birthday & just arriving was the most horrifying experience ever. Our flight had gotten delayed 2 times due to weather conditions in the United States, which resulted in us arriving at 5am. First and foremost, this resort is located in an area that consist of regular houses where residents are consistently roaming the streets and it looks like the complete ghetto. When we arrived, the security in front was sleeping and barely wanted to attend to us while our taxi tried to enter the resort. When we finally did enter the resort, the reception area was completely dark as if the resort were closed. It took someone about 5-10 minutes to finally come out, turn the lights on and attend to us. As we were unpacking the taxi, we see one stray cat (no biggie, it was just one). However, as we entered we see 3-4 more cats walking around the reception area. While we were trying to discuss our dissatisfactions with the receptionist, we see 4 more cats SITTING AND SCRATCHING THEMSELVES ON THE COUCH! Never did they mention that they had cats walking around because my daughter is allergic. When I decided to go and use the restroom, I spotted dirty dishes on the ground. After we saw the cats we immediately decided to change our resort to the Hilton La Romana, which is AMAZING!


    Reviewed by mehmetaE3239QI() on Feb 17, 2021

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    Employees are very rude and primitive to people. If you want to screw up with your money you can choose. You are racist and do not deserve the money you get. Find out how to serve people. I'm sure you can find better hotels...

    Viva wydham

    Reviewed by kajahello() on Feb 15, 2021

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    Thank you for a wonderful holiday spent in viva wydham resort. We had a lot of fun with your animation team. And we thank Miss Isamar Angelica and Ana Karen for excellent coffee and friendly service. They can make the best coffee for a little blonde.

    Mia Bolton

    Reviewed by Tilasmi B(Redwood City, California) on Feb 13, 2021

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    Horrible food, horrible drinks, no service. Management - arrogant, no concept of customer service. They just want your money and promise a lot. Deliver close to nothing. No one is interested to hear what needs to be fixed, they will react only when a customer is at the end of their rope and is ready to expose them.

    Amazing trip

    Reviewed by holllekju() on Feb 06, 2021

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    In the bar near pool works amazing young girl Isamar?? She is really professional, always smiles and makes cool cocktails) And animation team works really amazing! There was the most good food I have ever seen in Alli inclusive: every day 2-3 different types of meat and fish, seasonal fruits and good quality alcohol