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    Amazing hotel in an amazing country

    Reviewed by liamw187() on Oct 11, 2019

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    We stayed here late November / early December shortly after 3 nights in Havana. The Blau is a fantastic hotel in every sense. The food was great, there are two a la cartes, a buffet as well as pool bbq and beach bar. We stayed for 11 nights so we had 3 visits to the a la cartes. There are a few nice bars also, the main bar is great but the best is the air conditioned bar just to the left of the pool, quiet ambience and much less people. The beach is well kept, staff come round with cocktails and there is beach entertainment if that’s your thing. All in all this hotel made our holiday last winter, fully recommended.

    Time for comfort and fluffy pillows.

    Reviewed by BSS07(Milton Keynes, United Kingdom) on Oct 11, 2019

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    Having spent nearly a week in a very comfortable and beautiful Casa, Villa Lou, Havana to give us the time to experience this amazing city we headed off for a bit of fluffy pillow time. Looking at TripAdvisor for recommendations of an all inclusive on the coast of Varadero I must admit I got quite confused with the variety and the feedback of this type of hotel. However, I decided on Blau Varadero and seriously this is a cool place!! Service, cleanliness, pool, beach, bars and restaurants all excellent as are the staff. Ok, so the food is always going to be a problem when it’s mass produced and a buffet option- but if you think about it, the meals are really good. I opted for freshly cooked meats and fish, done in front of me on the grills, then filled in with veg and carbs which looked fresh. Puddings and ice cream great. Breakfast, fresh cooked eggs or pancakes etc Really chilled out place. The evening entertainment was something else!! Very classy and very talented people, I would actually pay to see and hear some of the entertainment. So, check it out if you’re coming this way??

    This was probably our last time.. :’(

    Reviewed by SunshineTraveller91() on Oct 11, 2019

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    Food - there’s always a choice, no matter which restaurant or buffet you go to at all times. People who claim they can’t find anything to eat, are simply awkward or spoilt or both. ??Rooms - there are unrenovated and renovated rooms and we’ve experienced them both. The last 3 or 4 times we asked kindly in advance whether it would be possible to be able to stay in one of the renovated rooms - was no problem. Spontaneously will be a problem, if the hotel is quite full. Anyhow, the rooms are always clean and I never had a problem feeling comfortable. In the past we would receive notes or small presents welcoming us back as returning guests, which catches attention and makes you feel happy. This didn’t happen during our last stay which for us seems to be related to the change of management. More on that topic later. Beach - is amazing! Obviously all also depends a bit on the weather. This year there was a bit more rubbish around the beach, especially plastic cups. I wish everyone was a bit more conscientious about this. ??Animation - There’s always someone around, always someone you can chat to, always something happening. But it’s also just as easy to walk away, if you want some peace and quiet. The animation team is remarkable and for me one of the main reasons it’s been possible to feel at home on Cuba. A lot of them have been there since my first stay at the hotel, some of them joined later, but they always remember us and treat us like friends and family when we’re there. They work hard to make everyone feel like that and never lose their smile. This is the main reason why having made the decision, not to return, is so painful, because we will miss them like crazy. A Heads Up to the management: THIS is effective customer relationship management, in case you’re interested ;) ??Service - there is absolutely nothing negative I can think of when it comes down to the service skills of all the waitresses, waiters and barkeepers of the hotel. To me it’s always been immaculate. Always considerate, attentive and sooooo kind. If you’re not patient enough to wait for five minutes, because the bar filled up, then you should reconsider your idea of a HOLIDAY. Cocktails great quality, especially considering it’s AI.??And now I would like to explain, why we don’t want to return to the hotel in the near future (after all, we went regularly every 7-8 months):?My family and I have been consistently returning guests to the hotel for years now. I have been about 6 times, having been back to Blau for the first two weeks in September this year. The main reasons we always returned, were the people there who made us feel welcome and partly even part of their family. This still remains the same, we love our friends we have gained by going to Cuba regularly and cherish the time we spend there every single visit. Unfortunately, as much as we love all the staff at this hotel, because they’re amazing human beings, we will most probably not return to the hotel as long as the new management remains there. Not only was the new manager (whose name we’re not even aware of, because he just seems to keep to himself and fellow managers all the time) lacking interest in anyone’s opinion or even existence, but he also seems to have implemented some extensive monitoring for all the staff. While he seemed to be enjoying time with his family who had been at the hotel on nearly daily basis while we were also there (carefully remembering it’s an adult hotel and I’m not sure his entire family fulfilled that criteria, just saying), we became witnesses of how suppressively some staff is treated. Apparently, they are not allowed to speak more than 10-15 min with guests at a time anymore and are requested to persuade people more to take part in activities (and we all know, that doesn’t usually go down very well). Also, the employees are closely watched at all times what they’re up to and I’m not just saying this, because I suspect it, I have been part of the whole experience of managers sneaking up from behind, watching for a while and the next day we would find out that employees need to fear for their jobs for doing literally nothing wrong. It makes me feel uncomfortable and it’s creepy! What adds to the cruelty of this monitoring situation is that particular employees are watched more than others and are at risk to get into trouble more quickly without even doing anything. We always are confronted with the words "Well, this is Cuba. That's just how it is"... it’s typical in tourism, that they still try to strictly separate the locals from the tourists, which is ridiculous - it’s the 21st century! ?During our stay in September we had to discover that nobody is really trying to improve anything for the locals, it’s all about cutting costs, pleasing the tourists with superficiality and as little effort in the retention department as possible. ?The atmosphere is not the same, anymore. And this was something this particular hotel was so popular for! I really do hope I will see my friends again in a different manner, because it will not be at the hotel. This experience made me so exceptionally sad and angry and I sincerely hope that things will change for the better again, eventually. 

    Blau hotel

    Reviewed by Sook999() on Oct 09, 2019

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    We stayed for 4 nights. Great service. Room was spacious and beds are confortable Food has variety at international room but the italian restaurant was a little disappointing. The activities at the hotel are great. Love the catamaran ride. For a fees of 20cuc can go snorkelling. Took the photos with the fishes. Our diver Duney from Marlin was superb. He took care of us as my sister and me are not good in swimmimg. Duney also take me for a catamaran ride the next day.I took many photos from the catamaran ride. Thanks alot Duney.

    Could have been better

    Reviewed by Amanda G(Cannock, United Kingdom) on Oct 08, 2019

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    Just arrived home from 2 weeks in Cuba. The hotel appeared to be the best one in Varadero. The reception was large and spacious and the reception staff were polite and friendly. Our room was on 9th floor and there are 4 lifts which we had to wait quite a long time to get on as they were quite slow. We had to take our own luggage to our rooms. The room was large and clean looking. But on closer inspection it looks like it had been recently decorated however it needed a lot of TLC to the finishing touches for instance the wardrobe has paint splattered on it and the bathroom was in need of updating the bath had a rusty mark where the shower is so therefore I couldn’t have a bath as it didn’t feel clean. Going downstairs the foyer was open and spacious there was a lot of plants hanging off the balconies which was nice but there was also a lot of birds in there due to it being open to the outside. This wasn’t too much of a problem even though I have a fear of birds. The area again needed a good deep clean as the floor had spill marks over it. The restaurant again had a lot of birds flying around (sparrows) which I wasn’t too fond of but realised if you sit on one side of the room it wasn’t as bad. The food however wasn’t good at all. Towards the end of the holiday it got worse. The vegetables were past their best and the meat was mainly bone. My husband lived on fries and bread and butter for most of the holiday. I feel it wasn’t geared up for British holidaymakers. The food was very bland didn’t appear to have any taste for instance I didn’t have any garlic onion or tomatoes. I appreciate that Cuba has problems with obtaining fuel so it would have a knock on effect with getting supplies. I feel that there wasn’t enough staff around to do the cleaning in the public places. The toilets were very smelly and wet as there wasn’t anyone cleaning regularly. Most of the staff were friendly there was a few which you avoided as they had their favourites and ignored you they would serve you part of your order then wonder off to serve someone else leaving you standing there. Overall I did enjoy my holiday the weather was good and we spent most of our evenings in the separate bar away from the main building where the 2 staff were very friendly and made you feel welcome. I wouldn’t go to Cuba again though as I felt it wasn’t what I expected for a 5 star holiday. Everywhere we went out of the hotel there was people expecting to be paid for doing nothing eg outside public toilets.