Get a sense of history at Greenwood Great House

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This sprawling mansion and property pay homage to the nation's sugar cane industry. The house sits high on a hillside overlooking Montego Bay and has what may be the best view in Jamaica. From the second-storey veranda, you can actually see the curve of the earth's horizon as you look north toward Cuba.

Jamaican Bob Betton and his New Zealander wife, Ann, have owned the property for some 35 years. They are a rarity among owners of grand houses here because they actually live on the property.

Most of the artifacts here are authentic, including the old water cannon and hand pump. The library has more than 300 books, some dating back hundreds of years. Check out the crank barrel organ, circa 1880, which still works. Each of the four bedrooms is decorated with a different colour scheme and a rare 1595 map hangs on a wall. An 1820 grandfather clock still chimes to mark the passing hours.

The great house is open daily and features a licensed bar, souvenir shop and flower gardens. There's a crumbling road that takes you up to the heritage site so you're best to hire a taxi or book a tour and let someone else drive.