Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco

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Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Worst hotel ever

    Reviewed by Mobile60624139944() on Sep 02, 2019

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    I'm never coming back to this hotel..... simple like that. rooms were not ready @ 4pm as it suposed to be no ac in the buffet neither in the disco sándwiches in the snack were awful this hotel is a mess........

    Best Hotel In Cayo Coco!!

    Reviewed by milidrapic(Toronto, Canada) on Aug 21, 2019

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    Me and my husband loved this place! it is amazing! We would always go for lovely walks on the beach and the staff is super kind, Alex, Isabel, and Yoel were especially kind to us! The crystal clear water was very nice and clean. The bar by the beach is amazing! I would recommend this hotel to anybody who is looking for a great calm and relaxing vacation. The hotel is very clean, and quiet and is perfect for anyone looking for a nice secluded vacation. We have visited Melia Cayo Coco, and Pulman Cayo Coco as well, but Colonial is by far our favourite! Can't wait to come back here again August 30th!!!

    Spanish Charm and Getting Better!

    Reviewed by Mike M(London, Canada) on Aug 07, 2019

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    First we must state upfront that we have a bias for this resort and the people who work there. We have been there 19 times, 5 so far this year. The staff have become like family as many Canadians will attest. Many know this resort has had its share of struggles, particularly since hurricane Irma. They have worked hard to improve and the work continues. After Irma, Iberostar came in to partner with Cubanacan as management and unfortunately had the wrong priorities. Rather than focus on air conditioning and hit water, they provided new towels and prompted the resort to the Russians which was an unfortunate disaster! They had to contend with abuses of food, alcohol, some violence and sadly abuse of the wonderful staff. This is not to paint all Russians with the same brush - we met many pleasant and respectful people from Russia but the result of this, lack of hot water and a/c was the exit of many Canadians who were repeat guests as well as potential new visitors. We have never seen so few Canadians at this resort! We write this review with hopes that people from Canada and other countries will visit or re-visit the Colonial. Pools - After Irma, the beautiful fresh water pool was rebuilt and tiled and it is now more beautiful and refreshing than ever! It is in fact 4 connecting pools that meander through the middle of one side of this larger Spanish style resort. On the other side of the lobby are is the saltwater pool. Recently painted, it meanders through the buildings and boasts a swim up bar, our favourite, that is very popular with guests. For photos of this resort m the pools and staff, we refer you to the Facebook site, Hotel Colonial 2019. Beach - This resort is expansive but maintains quaint villas, many of which overlook the beach. The beach is clean, with white sand, gorgeous sun rises, and plenty of palapas. You never have to save a lounger or palapa like mant other resorts. This beach features watercraft activities, animation team and the Hemmingway beach bars, also a favourite for many. Bars - There are several places to find your favourite beverage at the Colonial, all serviced by friendly staff. There is the lobby bar where many enjoy their morning cappuccino or an afternoon Spanish coffee; the Placida bar which is centrally located, open 24 hours and offers snacks; the Yarey Grill whic privudes drinks and lunch by the freshwater pool; the Hemmingway which is the beach bar; the Carey bar whuch is the aqua swim up bar in the fresh water pool; the piano bar which is a favourite for nightly entertainment (when numbers warrant); and the Tower bar, literally situated at the base of a tower at the end of the saltwater pool. Each bar is unique and inviting. Restaurants - The Colonial rebuilt and modernized their buffet last year. It is large and open for breakfasts lunch and supper for all guests. There us a large variety of cooked grilled and fresh foods as well as ice cream and desserts. The food us even tasty and they provide sauces for those who need additional flavours. In our experience of Cuba, the food here is good and plentiful; chef Alexander oversees it all. The Fontanella is an alacarte that offers Cuban, Italian and Caribbean cuisine. It is generally available except when numbers are very low such as the summer low season. The food and courses are very nice. There is also the Colonial and Carabena restaurants but again they are only open when numbers warrant. In addition, There are snacks such as hamburgers m sandwiches, fries and pizza available at the Placita 24/7 and cat the Yarey grill for lunch. There is a new grill at the saltwater pool that is sometimes open for outdoors barbecues. There is no way to go hungry! Accommodation - This is an area that has caused the most struggle for the Colonial. As the first resort in the islands built in 1993, the villas and buildings are showing some wear. In particular m many rooms have insufficient or non-functioning air conditioning and poor if any hot water. The systems to fix them are very expensive and with numbers dwindling since Irma, it has been hard for them to be fixed and maintained and if course this issues are a basic requirement at any resort. As a result m and in an effort to again attract Canadians and others, the staff at the Colonial are placing guests in buildings 31 and 32 where these amenities are excellent. We stayed in both in June and July and we were very comfortable. We are assured by the Director and a partner with the Cubanacan group that these issues are now a priority and will be repaired in the coming months. They very much want the return of their many repeat guests from Canada and other countries as well as new guests. It is difficult for any resort to maintain itself without guests. Things are looking up for the Colonial! Entertainment - The piano bar with its nightly entertainment has been a focal point for us and many others over the years. With the seasonal low numbers lately the entertainment here has been sadly cut back but we are hopeful that the approaching high season will see their return. The Placita is often a nice outdoor location for the occasional Cuban bands dancers and others as well. Many enjoy the Disco that has nightly entertainment too. A favourite of ours and others has been the entertainment in the square just outside the Lobby that features the Rock band, the Cuban band and other local talents. You don't find the usual Lion King or Elvis shows here like many other resorts; the talent is amazing! STAFF - Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about the staff at this resort! In Cuban style they welcome you and see to your needs as quickly as possible. Like many repeaters we have come to feel like family! This is our home away from home and they will greet many with a "welcome home"! It is impossible to name everyone without missing someone so we will only mention that the Director Alexander is very receptive to thoughts and suggestions and committed to ensuring all guests are comfortable, as are Alex the Guest Services manager and Sanny, The Sales manager. They are all approachable and helpful. Alex and Sanny speak English very well. Ask for them. Unlike other large resorts on Cayo Coco, you are not a number; you are remembered and welcomed. One more thing - This is a shout out to all Canadians and others from other countries to come back to the Colonial or try it out for your first time. The Spanish Charm at this resort is second to none. The villas, cobblestone and original architecture make this a landmark in Cayo Coco. The buildings are not impersonal like many newer resorts. You will feel special here. We will be there again in November and we hope to see you there. Please introduce yourself - we are the couple who walk around with our own guitar and are sometimes invited to join the entertainers. Our friends often join us and Nick always brings his harmonica to add to the music! (You don't get this at other resorts )

    Worst hotel I ever visited! Rude staff and false descriptions online!

    Reviewed by LisaVB1996() on Jul 30, 2019

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    I booked my holiday in Cuba with Booking at a 5 star hotel from the Iberostar group at Cayo Coco. After an 11 hour flight and a 6 hour taxi ride, I arrived at a barely 4 star hotel that was thrown out of the Iberostar Group. I payed for a sea view room at a quality hotel 4 months in advance for me and my boyfriend. When I arrived it was a dirty hotel with a sticky lobby desk that had not been cleaned for months. When I got my room, it wasn't even been cleaned either, the bathtub had holes in it and was dirty, the windows were so dirty I couldn't even look outside (not that there was a sea view), I got single beds pushed against eachother (I wouldn't wish anyone to lay on a bed that looked like that) and the pool was empty (elthough online it says the pool is available all year long). I didn't get any help with my luggage at 35 degrees celsius to go and find my room either. When I called Booking almost crying, tired and dissapointed they told me not to worry, they understood and they would contact the hotel to arrange a refund. I waited for hours, didn't get any response (only a phone bill of 80+ EU). So we decided to leave and find another hotel. We checked out, let Booking know and asked for our refund. A week later they answered to let me know they couldn't pay me back. Although since I bought this service on their dutch website, under the dutch law I am protected as a customer to be able to end the contract if the other partie doesn't succeed in delivering the service I purchased. It is my right to get my money back but Booking completely ignores this right, my personal emails and keeps sending me standard messages that they don't want to pay me back. However as a intermediary, since I purchased my service with them, it's their job to make sure the law is being respected I purchased under. The hotel, where we didn't even stay and lied, doesn't want to pay us back our money. They just stole 324EU from 2 traveling students. We have stayed in airbnb's, hostels and many hotels but we were never treated so disrespectfully. We never saw such a dirty accomodation in our entire lives. When we asked to speak to the manager or to use the phone to call Booking, they laughed at us. The manager turned his back on us and didn't even want to come and speak to us and they denied us using their phone. Thieves, liers, unprofessional staff and a huge waste of money!


    Reviewed by Hyperrr(Antwerp, Belgium) on Jul 26, 2019

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    THE WORST HOTEL IN CAYO COCO!!! Go to Melia Cayo Coco 5 star hotel instead ;) We booked it with, claiming to be a 5 star hotel from Iberostar group with pool all the year.. When we arrived, we saw the hotel only had 4 stars, was not part of the Iberostar group. The pool was still beeing filled (they claimed to be open all year) We booked a room with sea view, when we arrived we had a room in the back with no view. We got a second room, with the sea view but the bath tub had broken pieces. We got a 3th room, same problem with the bath tub, the room was dusty, the door to the beach was stuck AND the room was a family room, which you could see at the children bed.. Which looked like a MATRAS FROM A CRACKHEAD!!!!!!!!!! Staff really rude, didn't care about the problems, did not let us call booking.. We left 3 hours after we arrived. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't go there unless you want your vacation to be ruined!!!!