Grand Riviera Princess All Suites and Spa Resort

4.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 4 and 5 stars. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services. 5 star - Exceptional accommodation with superior facilities and services.

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    Good but not for Couples

    Reviewed by Danny Y() on Sep 14, 2019

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    Stayed in this hotel September 19 as a couple. Started as an excellent hotel but after around 1 week of the 2, there seemed to be a crazy increase in loud babies and children everywhere. One baby actually pooped in the pool and I also witnessed another having its nappie changed on the hotel towels. Also we was not informed before the holiday or even at reception, (who were very unfriendly and couldn’t be less interested), that there was renovations happening in one of the main pools which was a disappointment. We was also not informed that during this season that half of the restaurants close (including one of the snack bars and swim up bar). To advertise however many restaurants and not be able to access them is again, disappointing. The first day we arrived, we also had no towels as the little collection point was shut and also had no opening time so we had to visit again the day after and just wait around until we had a towel. The hotel does also not have many shaded areas and the areas which are shaded are always reserved from 7am. This meant a few times we had to leave early or go sit elsewhere in order to cool down and get out of the sun. However, the hotel does have its good points. The wildlife around the hotel was a big highlight as it is nice to see so many wild animals running through the bushes around the hotels. The food in the a la carte restaurants was excellent (when the one you wanted was pre-booked and actually open). The buffet food was themed and very average. The beach had a little seaweed but a good effort was made to remove it for the guests. Lots of extra little bonuses such as the bbq food they do around lunch time on the beach and around the pools. The rooms were always very clean but do look a little outdated and had a few marks here and there where the furniture looked dated. Overall, we had a great time at the hotel but it could have been made better if the children actually stayed in the family area instead of exploding all over the entire complex. All of the other issues were not too irritating, but listening to babies crying for the majority of the day around the pool and lunch and tea was. As a couple I would look elsewhere for future holidays.

    First holiday to Riviera Maya

    Reviewed by robertcT6126CV() on Sep 12, 2019

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    Right this resort is so big with so many facilities this review may be a long one. We arrived early evening around 6pm and was pleased to see no queues at check in. The check in was very quick and the man who checked us in was very friendly and gave us a glass of champagne which was a nice touch. We were given a map of the resort and was advised where our block was and told where to get the shuttle service... (yes a shuttle service on the resort it’s that big) if we didn’t want to walk. We chose to walk as we wanted to get a feel of the resort, we gave the bell boys our room number and our cases arrived not long after we got to our room very quick and efficient. The room which we was allocated was to what we had requested in a quiet location and not ground floor. The room itself was spotless and the pictures on the website do not do them justice they’re very spacious with a sofa also two arm chairs. There was a well stocked fridge with water, beers and soft drinks which were replenished daily without fail. The bathroom was very large and loved the massive shower also the cleaners gave clean towels everyday even if you hadn’t left them on the floor to be replaced as advised in the book in the room. The hotel has two main buffet restaurants on site next to each other with the plaza bar in between them. They were both very large and never felt over crowded in them we were always seated straight away out of the two buffet restaurants we preferred the sunset buffet as it was always quieter and we preferred the decor in there this buffet closed down midway through our holiday can only assume it was down to it not being peak season. There was 8 a la Carte restaurants on site and there was only 2 we couldn’t use based upon our stay which was fine as neither of us like seafood. We tried 4 of the restaurants whilst we was there and by far the best one was the Italian restaurant. We booked all our restaurants at the beginning of the holiday as we was advised to by our holiday rep we didn’t have any issues getting into any of them. Our least favourite was the fondue restaurant as the cheese in the fondue wasn’t what we expected it would be the starters were amazing in there though. The Mexican restaurant was really nice although was expecting the food to be more authentic in there and the service was really slow. If you want an amazing meal and don’t mind paying we would definitely recommend the chill out bar at the beach and if you have a meal with them you get access to the private beach area for the rest of your stay with drinks included and they have amazing day beds to sun bathe on and a waitress coming round all day long serving you drinks have to give a shout-out to roxanna she was there nearly everyday and was always so welcoming and would have a conversation with us and remember our drinks which was a nice touch. The meal we had in the restaurant at the chill out was amazing we booked a table and was given a table overlooking the beach and sea was beautiful. All 3 courses were really tasty and the pork I had as my main was the best piece of pork I’ve ever tasted. For the two of us having 3 courses each two cocktails and two bottles of water worked out at 1800 pesos which worked out about £50 bargain. The hotel has about 12 pools I believe we didn’t lounge at all of them we had a favourite which was the last pool before the beach which was quiet and had a swim up bar. We never struggled to get a lounger no matter what time of day we went down. If your after a more lively atmosphere with loud music and entertainment team then pool fantasy is for you there always seemed to be something going on in there. During our stay two of the pools closed and the water was emptied out and from what we could see they was replacing all the tiles in the pool this didn’t affect our stay as we didn’t use these pools. One pool which had a swim up bar closed during our stay which we quite frequently used again we assume this was due to quieter season. There was a show on every evening in the theatre unfortunately we didn’t go and see any of these so can’t comment on them it wasn’t our type of evening entertainment. There used to be entertainment in the plaza bar every evening after the theatre show would finish which we watched most evenings. Would mostly be singers or dance which we enjoyed and always managed to get everyone singing was great table service for drinks at this bar on an evening. The sports bar is a great addition to this hotel as it’s 24 hours which is great and had a great snack menu which we used quite often if we found ourselves peckish or just didn’t fancy the buffet. All drinks at the bars use premium spirits not local which we were surprised by but again a nice touch. If you fancy a trip into Playa del Carmen the hotel puts on a shuttle service daily running every 4 hours each way and is only 50 pesos each way per person. We went down on the 9am shuttle to see what was around there was the usual tourist shops but also nice high street shops in centres. We got a taxi back to the hotel as it was far to hot the taxi only cost 300 pesos if using a taxi make sure to confirm amount and currency you are paying in before getting in. There is an ice cream parlour on site which is hidden out the way and we only tried on our last day. Wish we had gone sooner as this place was amazing it had a great retro American diner theme and an extensive menu to choose from. There is a spa on site which we didn’t use so can’t comment on. There is a jewellery shop and souvenir/shop on site for the basics you may have forgotten like sun lotion or travel adapter like we did. Finally the best part of this hotel is the wildlife on site there are loads of coatis which run around constantly and are not scared to rummage through your bag if left on a sun lounger. There are loads of cats which all seem to have there own spot and never move from them all are friendly and will enjoy a spot of attention. Highlight for us was walking the main path to the hotel lobby and having spider monkeys walk past us never been anywhere before that this would happen. Under the bridge to the chill out bar there is crocodiles we didn’t see any adults but saw a baby crocodile. I love the conservation of animals at this resort and would love seeing all these animals every day. Overall we was more than impressed with our stay here after reading previous reviews about this resort we were sceptical. The staff do not stop working and are all so friendly and always smiling they are an asset to this hotel. Would definitely come back to this hotel in a second. Oh and finally a shoutout to Ariana the photographer who was lovely and would take the time to come and get to know you and give you tips for the area.

    Fourth time here! Love It!

    Reviewed by Climber642947() on Sep 11, 2019

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    Fourth time at this Resort! Exceptional Service, friendly staff, they go out of there way to make the experience great! Restaurants and Bars are great, many options to choose from. The Platinum upgrade is wonderful and highly recommend this!


    Reviewed by Travelling0986() on Sep 09, 2019

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    On the TUI website this hotel is displayed at a 5* rating I would say it’s at the opposite end of the scale. More like a 2* maybe 3* being generous. We are a couple celebrating our anniversary. This was meant to be our last holiday for a few years due to other commitments so we wanted to have the best time. My partner had been three years previous with family and had nothing but good things to say. He said it’s completely changed! DO NOT USE THE “Romantic Breakfast”/ COSY CLUB! What a load of rubbish! We paid $60 for what we got told was included is a luxury breakfast and a bottle of Prosecco with a romantic view. The waitress hardly spoke English, our food order was wrong, coffee was cold, waitress was rude and we was rushed through the service. I spoke to the front desk about our complaints and it took them 6 days to get back to us. By this time we was leaving the following day. I then went to speak to the food manager because I wasn’t happy. We hadn’t even got a sorry for the bad service and complete waste of money. He was also rude and basically said it was our fault and they can’t do anything about it. He then went on to tell me that all that is included in the $60 is the Prosecco and the view. As for the hotel itself - Room ie bathroom and shower hadn’t had a good clean in months - balcony is disgusting - beach is full of seaweed (partner said 3 years ago the beach was clear due to sand bags and a tractor) - construction work going on closing one whole pool off. Wouldn’t you think they would have to inform guests of this work as it’s such a large area and it’s very noisy through the day. - restaurants lack of creativity - reusable cups don’t even get washed properly. They are very warn. Very upset and disappointed by this stay!

    2019 vacation

    Reviewed by Mobile6475679517() on Sep 09, 2019

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    It's a very large resort with lots to do. Staffs are very friendly and helpful in any ways. Good selection of foods. Nice beaches and lots of pools too. I would recommend this resort to all my friends and families. 4.5 stars