Ocean Riviera Paradise

4.5 star rating

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    2nd time around

    Reviewed by hotelwatch127(Newington, Connecticut) on Jan 28, 2020

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    The first time i came here, they weren't completely finished construction, so my review wasn't complete, but i had a good time anyway. This time i came with my 2 kids and my wife and i must say i was less pleased. Our room was a mess upon check in. The outside tanning bed was destroyed and cups and garbage were all over the place. For families with little ones, going to the beach is a bit of a hassle as there are no changing stations close. Im all for wildlife, but the amount of raccoons that were around while we ate was a but off putting and scared my kids. Bartenders and severs were nice and the food was decent with plenty of options. I am still currently here, so i will keep everyone posted with a overall 2nd review when i leave on Saturday.

    So much fun!

    Reviewed by PhileashaG() on Jan 28, 2020

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    Spent the day at the pool and it was amazing! Jamileth was so helpful and so much fun running the games in the pool. Highly recommend! The trip has exceeded my expectations so far and I can’t wait to return!

    3rd visit

    Reviewed by 75ashleye(Owensboro, Kentucky) on Jan 28, 2020

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    Not much has changed. This was our third visit. We visited first when it was just a few months old and then again in aug 2018. We opted for the roof top room again like we had our first trip and it was great. Tub took a long time to fill on the balcony. Room was as it should be. Was humid day1 but once we turned down the ac and rigged it so the ac would stay on all the time that went away. It was cleaned daily. Fridge was filled everyday but one. They only fill it once. Tip extra or find the guy so you can get more than 2 beers. We upgrade to the roof top so we have somewhere to hang out. But with only 2 beers that’s not much of a hang out haha. Rt 66, steak house, and blue moon were the only restaurants we ventured to this trip. We were pleased with all. We’re an easy going couple that travels often. We were please with the resort again. It’s in the lower price range for better quality. We finally saw the monkey this time! One gripe is the timeshare people. They’re absurd and won’t listen to your repeated NO! This was the first time they’ve acted this way. Major turn off.

    Mexico 2020

    Reviewed by Dom04468() on Jan 27, 2020

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    The show was very well!! Really liked the performers. Would recommend it!! This was my first time taking a trip to Mexico and the service at Ocean Paradise was awesome. More fun to come!! Marlene and Salvador

    Best place ever!

    Reviewed by E769JMalejandral() on Jan 27, 2020

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    It’s a nice and comfortable place, Jamileth is the best! Super kind and funny, she solved all my questions and insecurities, it was amazing to practice water gym with her! I hope to see her again the next time.