Human remains

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WestJet Cargo provides the utmost care and respect when transporting human remains, providing peace of mind for all involved. 

Our Cargo team works with funeral homes or freight forwarders for non-cremated remains and can accept cremated remains directly from individuals, funeral homes or freight forwarders, ensuring seamless handling and transportation to final destination.  

Cremated or non-cremated remains take priority when loading and unloading our aircraft.  

WestJet Cargo provides

  • priority handling 
  • priority loading/unloading 
  • professional and respectful handling and transport 
  • enhanced tender and retrieval times specific to cremated and non-cremated remains  
  • tracking capabilities 

  • Non-cremated remains accepted on our 787-9 or 737-600/700/800 aircraft.
  • Cremated remains accepted on our 787-9, 737-600/700/800 and Dash 8-400​ aircraft.
  • Maximum allowable total weight of container or casket - 500 lbs/226 kgs
  • Packaging of cremated and non-cremated human remains must comply with WestJet Cargo and IATA regulations. 
  • Non-cremated remains require a hermetically sealed casket, approved metal container or combination unit. 
  • Urns must be packaged by the funeral home or freight forwarder to be protected from damage and meet requirements for screening. 

  • All appropriate documentation must accompany human remains, cremated or non-cremated: 
    • signed death certificate;
    • burial permit;
    • and/or burial transit removal permit as mandated by local, state, and government regulations.
  • All shipments require proper identification at the top end of the container or casket

For more information, please contact your local sales representative or our customer service team at or 1-866-WJCARGO (952-2746).