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Serious concerns Re Crystal Cove Barbados including Safty !!

kbK6145FK on Oct 18, 2021

Please note we have visited Barbados on a number of occasions but have never experienced anything like this, Crystal Cove is advertised as a “Premium all inclusive four star hotel” We had many contacts with management & staff from the very start of what should have been an enjoyable & much needed relaxing holiday, this is far from what we experienced. Upon arrival when we were allocated our room, we were horrified and took a number of photos. The bed was unclean, stained, and thread bare with the mattress overhanging the base by approximately six inches. The bath was damaged and had clearly not been properly cleaned in some areas for some time. There were dead plants on the terrace. I went to the front desk & asked to speak to the hotel manager, Mrs Babb looked at the photos & said she would move us. I did ask if a hotel move was possible but was later told it was not possible due to being fully booked at other locations by the manager. There is a clear & present Danger & serious risk to life throughout a number of locations over the site, this should not require me to highlight this on our holiday, much of it is clearly visible!! and in plain sight. Electrical unprotected cables were trailing along the sand right near a foot washing station, broken electrical boxes with exposed live electrics were in a number of locations, so dangerous for adults but even more so for children who would not see the dangers. I have written to Virgin to explain these dangers & included a number of photos & some videos. Crystal Cove needs a serious urgent review throughout. The Hygiene and cleanliness in a pandemic is outrageous at Crystal cove it would take a team to just list the problems. The air conditioning units were filthy. Beds were stained as were bed bases thread bare and worn out, we had to sleep on these I recommend you remove the sheets to observe the state of these as it is totally unacceptable. Clear evidence throughout the hotel of even basic cleanliness or hygiene. When we were given the keys of our second room we were horrified to find that substantial force had been used to enter the safe and was unusable. I immediately looked for a security breach thinking there had been a break in!! It was easy to find serious possible security breaches & risks to which I discussed these with head of security and other members of staff, no staff were able to offer me a reason for the safe damage for days. I sent an e-mail to the hotel manager Mrs Babb including pictures of the severely damaged safe in our second room. Several days later Mrs Babb the hotel Manager responded to what I believed to be a break in stating this had been done before the other guests left by staff, if this was the case why were we given the room in this condition? Why were we not advised? Why were there no notes for staff to advise us or indeed the manager Mrs Babb who came to the room with us. We had nowhere to place our valuables. A new door to the safe was fitted which failed to operate even after two call outs (where over ride codes were used to open the safe) the third time they changed the safe. To our utter dismay on returning with all our valuables from the beach, it had been installed with two 25mm screws with a 22mm void under the safe, it had been left resting on 20mm chipboard unattached to anything. I again called Mrs Babb who came with two gentleman. I asked if we were supposed to put our valuables, money, phones, jewellery & passports in this when it could simply be carried away. The second room had virtually no view except a huge tree in front of our one and only door, facing a side wall of another building. A major concern was a huge diesel generator and the state of electrics immediately behind our bed wall approximately 3ft away, with the location of the 500kva sub station just some 20 feet from our room and several inches of water building up between the sub station and leaking into our accommodation through our floor. At the end of the holiday we were unable to keep our room on past midday, we were not due to leave the hotel until 17.10. We were given a slot to use a room, at this point I asked if it would be a clean room to shower etc, due to Covid, the room can only be described as mind blowing, cold water only, broken taps not clean, again we witnessed open electrics, which I took further video evidence. This room had other peoples rubbish in and used soap given the fact we are in a pandemic this is even more unacceptable. Many of the sun beds were broken, the food was far from what you would expect from an advertised four star hotel, it was also under staffed with repetitive menus. New roofs were being fitted whilst we were there, the property had numerous leaks with towels on the floors & stairs. There are many more issues but I am attempting to keep this short, there is a lot more I could add. This impacted greatly throughout our 14 day holiday. In summary the hotel needs a complete overhaul with all the safety issues being addressed and a complete refurbishment to bring it up to the standard of the four star property it claims to be.

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Falls way short of a 4* hotel

Susan W (Cirencester, United Kingdom) on Oct 17, 2021

First the positives : This is a great location for a hotel. The beach and sea views are amazing. Thankfully, there is a regular water taxi that takes you along the coast to The Colony Club, The Tamarind and Waves which are all certainly worth a visit. The lunch service at these three restaurants was consistently better than that at Crystal Cove. Now the negatives : Sadly, this hotel falls way short of what you would expect for a 4* hotel. The rooms, especially the bathrooms are very tired and our shower annoyingly was very temperamental with the fitments hanging off the wall. The small fridges in the rooms could at the very least be restocked daily with water. We had two small bottles left for us for the two week duration. We very quickly discovered that the booking system for any of the other restaurants needs to be thoroughly modernised. You submit your request for a a table reservation at reception and then are told that you must check back with them at 10am the morning of your reservation to see if you’ve been successful in your request. Shiso at Waves is hugely popular as the food is excellent so although we did get one chance to eat there, we were unsuccessful every other time. Service in Reflections is slow, slow slow. Food in both Reflections and Drifters restaurants is very mediocre and falls well below the standard of a 4* hotel. Lunch at The Tamarind was very good. Dinner at Tresure Beach was also very good. Sun beds : Well good luck with getting one around the pool area unless you are prepared to get up super early and also not all beds have umbrellas ! More beds are available down on the beach but many have broken canopy’s. It was nice to get away post Covid with friends and family but sadly we won’t be returning to this hotel.

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Staff is 5 star but everything else is 2 star

284ClaireXO on Oct 15, 2021

First the positives: the female staff and the wifi. The female staff are amazing. Shout out to Antonette, Sophia the manager, Joanna as well! They are exceptional people, very hardworking and uphold the standard of the hotel. The Wi-fi reaches the beach which is amazing. The architecture and the beach are beautiful. The negatives - the real review: All the male staff we dealt with were terrible! They messed up every request - taxi, room service. They just seemed unable. Food is crap. It is the standard of a basic fast-food chain not of a 4-star hotel. It seems they import their food, there is nothing that tastes of season or is local or organic. Our stomachs were messed up for about a week after we came back. Sometimes you place a request and it goes into a black hole. We worked out that was when they don't have something. The problem with this hotel is at the ownership level. They’ve made it into All Inclusive, which the hotel infrastructure cannot sustain. There are only 2 restaurants and only one of them is usually in operation at a time for either lunch or dinner. I've stayed in All Inclusive before on another island and this is what I'm comparing it to. People who stay here also stay in 4-5-star around the world and know this falls far short of that. It is 2 stars at best. At £400 or so a night, it is NOT worth it. You have been warned. You are better off staying at a self-catered place, rent a car and buying your food locally. If that's not the type of holiday you want, then Barbados is not for you. Don't waste your money!

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A great place to relax and enjoy.

JohnxAdam (Barbados) on Oct 14, 2021

Just got back from a fantastic holiday at Crystal Cove. This is an excellent, friendly and well run hotel. All the staff were friendly despite the restrictions of mask wearing. The food was excellent, especially for all inclusive. The room was good with plenty of hot water and excellent air conditioning. If you want to sit by the pool you need to be up by 0730 to reserve a longer but there is a policy that you cannot reserve for more than 90 mins so people can’t just put towels on them come back much later. The beach is one of the best in Barbados with a large frontage and variation. The reef has lots of fish and we even saw a turtle a short walk towards the Cliff. The Watersports were excellent with attentive staff and lots of variety.

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Rhea and the rest of the staff made our wedding the fairytale we’d hoped for.

Escape01731932128 (Banbury, United Kingdom) on Oct 11, 2021

Wonderful setting, friendly knowledgeable staff, clean pools, Sandy beach and tasty food…what more could you wish for. Dont think twice if you’re thinking of getting married here, our coordinator Rhea was just wonderful. She took all of the stress out of the planning and made the day truly wonderful…thank you all so much x

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