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Buyer beware

CRSJSS (Naples, Florida) on Oct 20, 2021

Due to a death in the family, we were unable to be at Rosen Shingle Creek. We called to cancel 3 1/2 days ahead, but that was not enough and we were charged the first night, including taxes. How you contend that you must collect taxes on a service that was never given is beyond me. I was disappointed, to say the least, that your "policy" includes zero tolerance [where do we hear that these days?] for cancelation. We asked if we could at least apply the amount to a future reservation, but were turned down on that as well. Any facility, or business, with such policies is letting the customer know that the facility comes first, not the customer. Such a policy must come from the top and is passed down through the ranks, so to speak.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Nice Facility for a Conference

rkerewsky on Oct 05, 2021

This was the host location for a work conference I recently attended. It is much nicer than places I stay when I am paying my own way. Overall, it was a very nice stay. There were a few hiccups. The self-parking was confusing. I scanned the QR code and followed the prompts. I entered parking for 2 days. At midnight on the first night, I got a notification that my parking expired. I was afraid the car would be towed. The first thing I did the following morning was check that the car was okay and ask the staff about it. They informed me there was a glitch in the software. My co-worker, who attended the same conference, never paid for parking since the gates were open. I was charged for one day. Either I unnecessarily paid $26, or she owes you some money. First world problem, but the TV turned off automatically after 30 seconds or so. I tried numerous times, then called the front desk. They sent people up to fix it, and it was fine the rest of the night. The next morning, there was the same issue. Also, I took a shower around 6:00 am. The water was HOT. SO HOT. I had to step in and step out repeatedly. I could not get cold water. I mentioned these issues to the staff. They were pleasant and apologetic. Other than that, the room was comfortable, the conference rooms were set up well. The facility was lovely. I didn't eat at any of the restaurants or use the pool. I would welcome the opportunity to stay here again if it's on the company's dime. I wouldn't stay here as a "splurge" on my own.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Wonderful staff in a venerable property

Ewan M (Texas) on Sep 26, 2021

Stayed for three nights to attend a convention on site. The staff here can't help but put a smile on your face. It isn't until you receive truly friendly, enthusiastic service that you realize what a lot of other places are missing. It's presumably a combination of excellent training and innate character. They are a credit to not only the hotel but to themselves as individuals. Literally not one exception out of the 20+ staff I must have interacted with over the course of checking in, dining, facilitating meetings, navigating, checking out... just brilliant, every last one of them. While the hotel is clearly a bit older than many others in the area, it's by no means ramshackle. The rooms have the occasional scuff and mark but they're well-kept otherwise and housekeeping is very thorough, even in these COVID times. The AC could stand to be a bit better but if you don't require a very cold, dry room - as I do - to sleep soundly, you won't experience problems in late September. The mini-supermarket is significantly bigger and better stocked than those you'd find at a chain hotel. It is expensive though, no denying it. If you're on a budget there's a Publix nearby - convenience comes with a pretty hefty price tag. $3.25 for a fruit bar, $3.25 for a 20oz Diet Coke... these things add up. And that's equally true of the restaurants. Your average quick-service place serves similar quality for maybe half the price. Again, it's not that the food is bad, but both ingredient quality and portion size are mean for the price. (My $18 burrito had nothing to separate it from Chipotle except the chile sauce and the fact that the pinto beans were overcooked.) From what I saw from those with rental cars, the hotel doesn't mind at all if you bring your own food and drink with you - that might be the way to go for those who have the option. The public areas are beautiful. Other than the lower level convention areas there's a ton of natural light and high ceilings. The main atrium near the convention area escalators is so nice that I wonder why they don't add more seating there. It's calming just to sit on one of the couches and look up at the skylight far, far above you. On the lower levels it's all business; when the place is full to capacity I can imagine the breakout areas being tight and loud, but with 60% capacity it's extremely spacious and an area very conducive to good, close discussion. That plus the excellent convention staff make for a productive but also stress-free meeting environment. There's a magazine in the room that serves, quite frankly, as a hagiography to the founder. But reading his life story, you can't help but admire him. He came from little, achieved a lot, and gave so much back to the Central Florida community. His hotel empire is testament to his hard work, and it's clear that he's paid a lot of attention to the little details. One or two of these are slipping, it has to be said; but overall, he found the winning formula and his staff are executing it every day.

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Meh. Not worth it at all

pitterpat47 (Washington DC, District of Columbia) on Sep 21, 2021

The bad: - closed facilities and poor planning the first night arrived every dinner / restaurant facility except the Mexican place was closed down. Mexican was fine, but The place was overrun by guests , the bartender was overwhelmed , people were mad and swearing. The staff did their best , even the store manager was carrying dishes, but the management of the hotel should have planned better it was very unpleasant -room temperature The thermostat in my room tried to get to 70 degrees the entire 4 days I was there — it never did -room technology The chrome cast didn’t work (I am tech savvy it wasn’t my issue ) and the tv had an auto shut off every 30 seconds of not being used -the place is enormous Plan on 15 minutes walking from anywhere to anywhere it’s so big - the self parking is outrageously expensive , far away, and complicated - they charge $10/day to use the gym - if you’re there for a conference but are also a hotel guest you have to sign up for separate paid wifi to access the internet in the conference center - with Uber being so expensive and self park so expensive youre basically trapped there paying crazy prices for resort food as if it were a cruise ship The good: -Every staff person I saw was being worked to the bone, and despite that they were courteous and on the ball to best of their ability. They earned those tips! -The Monroe street market makes good sandwiches - the rooms were very clean and promptly Serviced/ stocked , but they weren’t anything special considering the thermostat couldn’t keep temperature and the tv shut off every 30 seconds

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Worth coming back to

JSoul7 (Miami, Florida) on Sep 20, 2021

Absolutely beautiful hotel. Staff was friendly and attentive to my needs. The fridge kept making sounds but noticed it was the ice being made and just turned it off. After a few hiccups was able to order room service and the food was great and on time and good portion.

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