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Z334TGangelc on Sep 18, 2021

my family and myself spent 7 days in the beautiful AZUL BEACH RESORT And we really enjoyed it our favorite part was the Mexican independence party And also the kindness of the entertainment guys Daniel, Luis, Omar and Jorge They were always very nice!

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nafblack (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on Sep 17, 2021

I had reservations for 9/9/21, however the night before my flight (9/8/21), I tested positive for COVID 19. I notified the resort immediately on 9/8/21, and was informed to forward my results and they will consider refunding me the money. However, as I forwarded the results on 9/8/21 the email they gave me was incorrect. I now had to wait till the next day because that department closes at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard time. So the next day, I was able to get the correct address and forward them my results on 9/9/21. On 9/17/21 I was informed that I was not going to be refunded or given a credit. Because I wanted to be precautious and get tested prior to going to there resort, I am being penalized. So for anyone who test positive, they will not refund your money or offer the stability to come at a later date.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Very Disappointed!

mouellette on Sep 17, 2021

Let me start off by saying, we have stayed at a Karisma resort before (Karisma El Dorado Seaside) and absolutely loved it. This is what prompted us to recommend and stay at another Karisma property (Azul Beach Resort) for a quick stay before we transferred to another resort. I will NEVER stay at another one of their properties again however after the way we were treated and how hard it has been (2 months of phone calls to get what we were owed in refund). We showed up at the airport about 8:30pm and began looking for our transfer (that we had booked through the resort). There was nobody around from Lomas Travel to pick us up. After an hour and a half on the phone and being transferred all over, they informed us that our reservation had been canceled by the resort and said there was nothing they could do (they couldn’t even come pick us up apparently). Funny, cause I had a confirmation number and receipts and there was no money refunded to our credit card. So it’s now 10pm, and we had to get an extremely expensive taxi to the resort. We showed up at the gate to the resort and the person at the gate said there was no reservation for us. I showed the email that had our confirmation and all the info and they had us go up to the front desk. We got to the front desk to check in (it’s now 10:45pm). We were traveling with another family and somehow their reservation was in the system. Mind you, we made the reservation together on a 3 way phone call and used my credit card to pay for both reservations. The person at the front desk told us there was nothing that he could do except put us in a room for the night (and took a $500 deposit). He told us the only “available” room was one on the opposite side of the resort from our friends and obviously a room that they use for this kind of situation (not the room we had paid for). There wasn’t much we could do either, our son was extremely tired and hungry. We had them put a room service order in while we were at the front desk. Unfortunately that didn’t show up to our room till 1:30am. In the morning we went back to the front desk and their answer was, it’s Sunday… nobody from the reservations group works on Sunday, we will have to take care of it on Monday. They did move our room closer to our friends… and by closer, we were in the same building at least. We had requested to be close/adjoining to them because we both have kids and we help each other out. Monday comes along and they can’t seem to get ahold of anyone, so I call the reservations line and get right with someone. I escalated the situation and got someone who said he would take care of it, he was going to review the phone calls. As he was digging into the account he sees that the reservation was canceled by someone on the Karisma end, 2 days prior to arrival. He was apologetic and said this was definitely their mistake, and why would I have shown up at the resort if I had canceled it two days before. He also told me he would look into it further and call me back at the end of the week (yup… that didn’t happen either). Tuesday morning, we go to check out and get a taxi and the person at the front desk demands that we pay them $1500 for the room. I said, no, we have already paid for this trip, I talked to the reservation people on the phone yesterday they said it was taken care of. He got the manager and her answer was “we don’t know Karisma”… which made no sense. This resort is owned by Karisma. I finally got on the phone with Karisma and handed the phone to the manager (who again said she couldn’t get through to the reservations) and after a half hour they finally seemed to figure it out. They then told the concierge that they could call a taxi. Yeah, I ordered that taxi an hour before this (so basically they were not going to let us leave their property till we paid them). I’m so glad we were not heading to the airport, but to another hotel for a week. If I had missed a flight I would have been extremely upset. We were so happy to get out of there, and our second resort did not disappoint. When we got home I began calling to check on the situation. We requested a refund of the money for the transfer that we had booked and did not receive. This whole situation took place on June 22nd… and on August 5th and I FINALLY talked to a manager who said he would fill out reimbursement form for that money… which we got about 2 weeks later. I explained the situation to him and told him we would not be returning to a Karisma resort because of the way that this was handled and he basically said, I understand, have a good afternoon. The problem that I had with this entire situation is that nobody seemed to care. Nobody made an effort to try to fix the situation and there were excuses every step of the way. We are extremely disappointed with the level of customer service at Azul and from Karisma and will be staying at a different resort chain from now on. As far as the rest of the time at the resort… don’t plan to travel any time soon. We wanted to try different restaurants and were only able to get a reservation at the Italian and had to eat at the buffet for the rest of the meals, which was not that great (and I am not a picky person). No poolside service (you are not even aloud to bring food to the pool or back to your room… and it’s not a COVID thing cause they had food service at the pool at our next resort). It also took forever to get service at the restaurants. Again, I feel like it’s not a “COVID” problem because we never had any problems at our next resort.

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rajeshkE6259GL (British Columbia, Canada) on Sep 16, 2021

The AZUL BEACH RESORT was a lot of fun I loved all the shows but especially the Mexican party for Independence Day was amazing as well as hanging out with the entertainment guys Luis, Dany, Omar and Jorge gracias a lot amigos

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Closed beach, bad food, terrible service, rundown infrastructure

Max D (Potomac, Maryland) on Sep 16, 2021

Should have been zero stars. Beware, Karisma is evidently massively faking reviews, as no reasonable person would give this resort more than two stars, even if some did not have the same terrible experience, as we did. We even had severe food poisoning, which was not an accident. Sadly, Azul is total scam. This is a long review, but I promise it is worth reading. 1. The resort: Azul promises great beach, luxurious rooms, and excellent food. Their rating is also very good. In addition, Azul offers oversized family suites with master bedrooms and queen size beds. As others are saying, the beach was closed due to piled up decayed seaweed. Azul wasn’t even cleaning its beach, and everything smelled like sewage. Who would come to a beach resort without the beach? While their beach was closed and smelly, their website was advertising the best beach with immediate availability. Moreover, the representative lied to us about the beach, and explicitly told us where to find beach towels, so we could go to the beach as soon as got settled. During check-in the representative marked on the resort map two locations, where supposedly they distributed beach towels. Then he marked on the map what was included; showing for example that Starbuck on premises was not included. However, knowing that we were going to the beach right away, he did not mark the beach as closed and numerous beach services as consequently unavailable. The resort map with his handwriting showed the beach itself, beach BBQ, beach volleyball, and other beach staff. Had the represented not lied during check in, we would go somewhere else. It was still during the business hours, so we could reach someone at our travel agency and move to another hotel. Other resorts cleaned their beaches. One of these resorts was visible from Azul. We also saw, how workers kept that beach clean. They were removing accumulated overnight seaweed. Azul did nothing, just let the seaweed pile up more, decay, and smell even worse. 2. The rooms: Azul stated that all 435 rooms are all luxurious, and some of them are oversized but expensive family suites each with a separate master bedroom. Not only all our rooms were rundown and in need of repairs. In addition, their so-called oversized family suites with master bedrooms are a total lie. They promised a very large 625 sq feet suite with occupancy for 4 people, but in fact the room is a lot smaller and is evidently hardly larger than a half of the specified size. They just installed a sliding door that divided a regular small room into two areas. There were supposed to be two sofa beds in the living room, but in fact there was only one which took almost the entire small living room area. Not only the second sofa bed couch wasn’t there, but there was also no room to put in the in the living room. They knew that we had two adult and two children. So, they provided a tiny narrow bed next to the bed in what supposed to be the master bedroom. In addition, when the sliding door was closed, it nearly blocked AC to the master bedroom, as the master bedroom had no AC vent. How can someone block AC in such a hot a humid place? This part of the room could be air conditioned, only when the sliding door was open. We have been in many 3 and 4 stars resort in Mexico. All cheaper rooms in these hotels were much better than allegedly luxurious rooms in the supposedly 5 stars Azul. When we saw our family suite, we came back to the front desk. Then the same representative, who checked us in, explained that some parts of the resort had been renovated but we were in the other not yet renovated part. When we asked, where was the promised 625 sq feet of space and where was the second sofa bed, there was no answer. Karisma website stated that the living room had - DOUBLE SOFA BED, PLUS SINGLE SOFA BED. We paid a lot for the huge 625 sq feet suite with two sofa beds. The actual room was hundreds of sq feet smaller, and the second sofa bed was missing. How could we have been placed in the small rundown rooms? We have the pictures of the broken door handle, that they never fixed. It was nearly impossible to open the door from the inside. Another handle for the sliding door was on the floor when we entered the room. Screws were on the floor coming from many places. There were paint splashes. Showers were disgusting. Our so-called family suite had only a shower head attached to the ceiling. So, it was impossible to wash the feet and lower body. This shower could not be used for small children. Our other so-called LUXURY room had an additional rusty flexible shower. Never a reasonable person who stayed in such a room would give this resort a high rating. How vast majority of the ratings are 5 stars, unless Karisma is falsifying reviews? 3. The food: Azul promised superior food and the best restaurants. Their buffet called Spoon is the worst we have seen in any resort. The selection was very limited. Truthfully, the cafeteria in my office has better food. For example, on our first day we went there for an early dinner, there even was no fruits at all! Some truthful reviews describe, how people were eating just bread, as there was nothing else eatable. This is indeed the ugly truth about the food in this resort. When we came there for our first dinner, we were hungry. However, after trying other food in the buffet, children indeed ended up eating just bread. We left the buffet also rather hungry, but there was no other place to eat. No reasonable person, who ate once in this buffet could give high rating to this hotel. Therefore, Karisma is obviously falsifying reviews. 4. Service: the service is terrible. We could not get even a towel for each of us. Between two rooms, we had 4 towels for 5 people. They promised several times to provide more towels but didn’t do it. One hair dryer did not work from the very beginning, and they never replaced it. The entrance door handle broke from the inside and was nearly impossible to open the door from the inside. The sliding door handle was broken from the beginning. They never fixed anything, even if people could not get out of the room. We kept one of the keys with someone who was outside or in our other room to let people out. The beach was closed, but for the few who used the pool, there were no towels. There were towel stations, but we couldn’t get a towel. The workers suggested that we should use room towels in the pool, but we even didn’t have enough towels for all of us in the rooms. There was a leaking pool light, and one of our kids had a mild electric shock. The issue was immediately reported. However, it took forever for maintenance to arrive, while our family was guarding this part of the pool, preventing people from getting hurt. How could this resort get such a high rating unless they falsify reviews? 5. Now the biggest issue – food poisoning. Do not underestimate these people in their effort to get our money without doing much work in their resort. They obviously had the process of misleading people and luring us into their hotel. When we discovered that this BEACH RESORT has no beach, naturally we came back to the front desk. It was the same as coming to a golf resort and find out that the golf course was closed. The representative explained that all tour operators were informed about the beach and that Azul gave us the opportunity to cancel when they closed the beach. The representative promised to provide a copy of that communication. (Of course, we still have not seen it.) At the same time, our friends with a large group of their family and friends were going to the same resort in a couple of days. Just like us they were looking forward to a great beach and a nice resort. We explained the beach situation and told them about everything we saw in this resort. Naturally everyone was canceling and urgently booking other resorts. This group used various tour operators and they also did not know that the beach was closed. Obviously, Azul lied in regards of informing the tour operators about their closed beach. Since we let many people know about the situation, we caused multiple cancelations and disputes with Azul. In the evening of our first day, we confronted representatives at the front desk about misrepresentations. When the beach at Azul was closed and smelled, Azul website still advertised the best beach with immediate availability, even romantic dinners on the beach and so forth. Then, as written above, we had an early unsatisfying dinner, when the kids ate mostly bread. Naturally, late in the evening we were hungry. There was no other place to eat, expect for the same buffet. So, we came back to the buffet more than half an hour before specified closing time. However, we were told that the buffet was already closed. Even as we showed, that according to the paper we had, the buffet should have been still open, they didn’t let us eat or even to grab some food to go for the children. Naturally, we returned to the front desk. At the front desk they told us that the buffet was still open and that we could still go back there and eat. Finally, they admitted that indeed the buffet closed early and told us the only option was the room service. We have been in many resorts. It was the only one, where nothing was open after 10 in the evening. Also, it was the only one resort, where the only buffet could just close earlier than the closing time. The room service menu was very limited. Finally, we ordered 5 dishes and some deserts for the three adults and two children. They promised 30-40 minutes timeframe. In addition, we discovered that decayed seaweed not only stinks, but also releases toxic gases. Even then, the front desk gave us a runaround about the refund if we move to another hotel. They just suggested that we stay farther away from the beach. They again told us that we should have canceled earlier and that we needed to rectify everything with our tour operator. Once we ordered the food, we returned to one of our rooms. When the food did not arrive in more than an hour, the children fell asleep hungry. Adults also decided to retire. I called to cancel the order and we went to sleep. In the middle of the night, we woke up with a loud knock at the door and the person screaming ROOM SERVICE. We responded that we had canceled, but the person kept knocking and screaming. Finally, I opened the door and told him that we were already sleeping. The guy however gave me the food and only then left. It was nearly two hours after we ordered our dinner. However, the food was warm and freshly made. Very fortunately, our hungry children were sleeping, and we didn’t wake them. Still, we woke up the third adult in the other room, and the three adults ate. Soon all three started experiencing symptoms of severe food poisoning. We came from different places, and we ate together only in the resort. Obviously, Azul was to blame for the food poisoning. In addition, given all the unusual circumstances, apparently the food poisoning was not an accident. I am not into conspiracy theories. However, why was the food delivered with such an unusual persistence? It was in the middle of the night, nearly two hours after we ordered the food. Azul knew that we caused multiple cancellations and that were leaving as soon as we reach our travel agent. Then the several dishes specifically made for us, caused severe food poisoning. It is the fact. Why all of us who ate got sick, but others did not? Azul somewhat succeeded, because I was so sick that I could not move out the next day. I spent most of the day in bed. Two other family members who ate the food delivered to the room, were also quite sick with the same symptoms. Our travel agent informed Azul about the food poisoning. Someone came to the room and told me that they were investigating. I described, how the three of us suffered from food poisoning caused by the food that was delivered to the room. This person however did not ask, what the three of us ate. We ordered 5 dishes, but only 3 people got sick. They could not know that the children were sleeping and that we ate only three dishes out of five. How could they investigate if they didn’t even ask which food made us sick? Nobody from Azul spoke to two other our family members, who also suffered from food poisoning. The following day we were still sick, but at least we could move to another hotel. The nightmare was over for us. However, our vacation was ruined. Do not let it happen to you. Do not stay in any Karisma hotel. PS. When we return home, our travel agent communicated that Azul was investigating the food poisoning. Azul told our travel agent that our refund was pending due to the food poisoning investigation. However, they still have not reached out to us and haven’t asked which food made us sick. They only know what we ordered for 5 people, but they do not know, what the 3 people who got sick ate. Obviously, they are not investigating anything. Never stay in Karisma hotels.

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