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Set Low Expectations! Poor Service - Poor Food - Poor Resort.

TheSouthTexasTravel (San Antonio, Texas) on Sep 10, 2021

First, set your expectations LOW. All-inclusive resorts are always hit or miss - more so “miss” at the beginning and during the off-season. Having stayed at several resorts, I went into this one with an open mind and ready for anything that came my way. I’ll start with the travel part and detail through checkout. We flew in on a Tuesday afternoon (left the states at 11:00am and landed in CUN at 1:30 pm. Overall not a bad flight - felt like it took forever but was pretty smooth. Customs this time around was surprisingly quick. Took us maybe 20 minutes to walk from the gate to clear customs. Each time you travel and clear, it seems to get easier and quicker. When at customs, ALWAYS look at the front to see how many agents are servicing each line. The shortest line may only have one agent and may take longer than a line that has more people. Once exiting Customs, you of course get the usual bombardment of people pretending to know you or pretending to be your transportation. I recommend booking and arranging your transportation prior to arrival. Keeps things predictable and stress-free. We used USA Transfers in Cancun and the service was PHENOMENAL. We booked a VIP transfer to our resort round-trip for $150. Having traveled several times, I’ve learned that I like comfort and A/C during the sometimes long trek to and from the airport. Helps mitigate some of the car-sickness that comes with the drivers in Mexico. The company picked us up in a very nice LTZ trim Chevy Suburban which seats six people. They had beer and refreshments waiting for us in the car and allowed us to stop along the way for snacks and whatever we needed. The driver was very professional and helpful both ways. We had no issues with changing our departure time with them either. Upon arrival, the check-in attendant really set the tone for the trip. She was very stand-off-ish and did not make us feel welcome at all. She had an attitude along the lines of “what are you doing here?”… While we were being checked in, the bartender in the lobby brought the group some “blue” drinks. I did not partake as I did not order it and did not know what it was - I dislike when this happens but seems to be the norm for Mexico. I’d advise against it. The check-in attendant asked us several questions and was very passive-aggressive towards us. Fair warning: DO NOT LOSE YOUR KEYS. You will be charged out the butt if you lose them! They require them to be returned at checkout. The resort initially was intriguing as it had a calendar of activities that went on throughout the day and into the night but we quickly figured out that these activities were subpar at best - most felt like activities that were thrown together to entertain nursing home residence. For the price, you really do get what you pay for… We spent most of our time in the main pool where everyone else seemed to hangout. This was actually a pretty neat experience as most everyone was friendly and outgoing - it was great to get to mingle with people from other states and other countries. There were a lot of Canadians on vacation the week we were there. The pool was THE thing to do but quickly got old. They do NOT serve food at the pool - only drinks. Make sure to watch them pour the drinks if you want a good one. They don’t carry many premium brands - mostly off brands. The room was very basic. We thought it was odd that the resort was only at 10% capacity. We hardly saw anyone - maybe 30 people while we were here. The room wasn’t cleaned very well. I found stains and women’s hair in the sheets and on the pillow. I question whether fresh sheets were put on prior to our arrival. I will say that the shower was very nice. It had two rain fall heads and the pressure/ temperature was phenomenal. The food was TERRIBLE. I hardly ate for the duration of my stay due to the limited food options and the poor quality of what was available. Some of the restaurants were closed but we did try the Italian place, Hibachi place, and the buffet. The Italian place was supposed to be the nicest but again, set your expectations low. The service was very subpar. The waiter kept referring to me as “bro” and was very annoyed with me asking questions or trying to decide on what I wanted. We were told that we could pick one entree, one appetizer, and one dessert from the menu. Defeats the purpose of an all-inclusive. I ordered Chicken Parmesan and it was a joke. The chicken was dry and was literally covered in tomato sauce - no breaded chicken. The “garlic bread” was literally dinner rolls they bought from the store. The hibachi place was a fun experience to watch but the food was bad… The sushi was old and had been sitting out for a longtime and the hibachi food was overcooked and partially burned. Very dry. The highlight of the trip was the spa, which we accidentally discovered on the second day. They have a hydrotherapy circuit which is what intrigued me. You can pay $20USD to spend an hour in the hydrotherapy pool OR if you book a massage, you get unlimited access to the hydrotherapy pool, steam room, and sauna for the entire day. I booked us a couple massage 1/2 off and it came out to $300USD total. The prices they give are per person and they up-sell by telling you it is 50% off. We were 2 hours early for our massage so we spent our time in the hydro pool and steam room. I HIGHLY recommend the steam room. It was very liberating and felt amazing when you got in the hydro pool afterwards. The staff was very professional and kept our glasses full of Champaign. The massage was half-decent but by no means spectacular. The highlight of the couples massage is you get a 30-45 minute session in the in-room hot tub after your massage. The massage and hot tub is completely nude so be prepared for that. We did attend one of the shows on our last night and it was okay. The performers were happy and obviously worked hard to prepare but it wasn’t anything to write home about. Probably wouldn’t do it again. The most annoying part of the trip was the COVID test needed to travel back to the states… At check-in we were told that the hotel would provide a COVID rapid test on the day of departure for $35 USD. We showed up first thing in the morning on our last day to take the test and were immediately told that it wasn’t possible. They told us that they needed 3 days to do the test and get the results back… Absolutely unacceptable. The concierge told us to go to the local hospital to get it done… I’m sorry but I am not going to go sit in a local Mexican hospital for who knows how long to get a COVID test done to travel. This was irresponsible on the hotel’s part. We ended up doing some research and found that the local pharmacy does the rapid test. We took a taxi there and it was super easy. The staff at these pharmacies DO NOT speak any English at all so be prepared for that and know what you need to say. We paid $35 USD for both tests and then were pointed to a small waiting room. I wasn’t thrilled about being in a tiny room with potentially COVID positive locals but it moved fast and everyone wore a mask/ kept their distance. The doctor wasn’t the most friendly person but he was quick and efficient. He printed out our results and we were good to go. We paid a total of $35 USD for the taxi to and from the resort. All in all, it was great to escape for a bit but 10/10 would NOT stay at this resort again. I’ve stated at FAR nicer resorts in Mexico for cheaper than what we paid at this one. There are much better places out there. Do your research.

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Wonderful stay

656jewld on Sep 07, 2021

I must make time to say thank you to the whole princess Yucatan staff I had a great holiday. I am very bad with names but special mention to Laura and Reuben but really every interaction was pleasant. I was disappointed at the lack of the sport club but the daily activities run by the poolside activity crew was much fun. There is always a smile to be had by courteous employee and a good day to you! The food was excellent and all very clean. The pools are scrubbed, decks room lobbies are cleaned daily. Swim out is awesome and beds comfortable. The nightly shows quite entertaining! The beach is beautiful if you walk a few minutes to the family side.Lovely and lively grounds with wildlife and good music ! I would not hesitate to return.

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These people are just here to screw you up

Pukybunny on Sep 03, 2021

I will only give one star because the staff that operates the food and drinks are awesome but the rest, leaves a lot to wish for. My experience: hotel is relatively clean, some rooms are defective no matter the price range you got (we got the deluxe swim out and it was either freezing cold or humid hot in out room), due to Covid, most restaurants and activities to do are closed and they fully know this and they don't do absolutely nothing to either reimburse you or offer you something else. Or package had a special dinner included which was not available because the restaurant where it is hosted it closed and they didn't offer anything else. We knew their beaches are full of seaweed and the smell can be terrible (smells like rotten fish), but they do absolutely no effort to clean their side of the beach. The neighboring hotels had clean beaches because they had their seaweed removed every day. This affects the ambiance of the hotel as the breeze brings the smell toward the whole resort. Be prepared to spend all your time in the resort pools or to walk a lot to get to other cleaner beaches but there you won't have access to the chairs or umbrellas and no drinks. Everything they sell in the hotel is extremely overpriced. 3-4 times the price you can get all the closest city. And the fares for the cabs are ridiculous. A cab to the nearest city (4 km) costs $40 USD round trip. And the cherry on the top was the complete misinformation for the Covid test. Since they don't do the test PCR on the Platinum Yucatan Princess, they send you to take an appointment and the test to the sister resort, only to realize when you come there, they don't have you in their system, don't let you take appointments and they send you back to your original hotel, only to be told the test is available only of you pay $150 USD when in their website of the PYP (platinum Yucatan Princess) says clearly it costs $125 USD and they don't lower the price to honour the information on their website. We then requested to be directed to other clinics close by and they told us they didn't know any, so then I requested them to help us find some because I'm quite sure more travelers will request this information too, only to be told they couldn't do the search for us and it was not their problem. Thank God we booked with Sunwing and their representative Juan Carlos helped us sort out this mess and on time to get all our documentation in order before the trip. We shall never come back to this resort or the sister resort, and rest assured our recommendation will be to stay away from this chain of resorts.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Beautiful hotel, good staff services, horible beach and hotel services

1bernardd (Sainte-Julie, Canada) on Aug 31, 2021

We reserved 2 couple 14 days there Platinum deluxe swim out suites, and payed full price, no covid discount! When we got here, 2 out of 5 restaurants are closed (covid), we are suppose to get a special diner with our room category also cancelled covid.. when we ask for compensation, nothing not even there cheap red wine ??… The beach is full of sea weed, they are not even trying to clean it. The Princess Riviera and Princess Sunset next door clean there beach’s and dumps the sea weed at the end of the Platinum beach. We travelled 3000kg to help restart the struggling tourist industry, and instead of being great full and welcoming, the abuse use.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Excellent adult only resort. Great for relaxing or partying.

AjaxDiver on Aug 30, 2021

We just are completing a great stay. This hotel is very well kept and we had tremendous service from most staff. The swim out room is a must. We experienced the resort at about 30% of full capacity and it felt like a private resort. Walked into any restaurant on our side for a meal anytime we felt like it and only had to make reservations for dining at the neighbouring hotel. We were served drinks almost every day from our favourite employee Katalina. She was amazing, always had a smile and laugh and worked very hard to make sure we were well taken care of. People, like any resort, the employees rely on tips for their income. If a staff member goes out of their way to enhance your stay, you thank them with a tip. Yes it’s all inclusive but this is how the world works. I’m sick of reading complaints from people who don’t think it’s necessary. These employees are working for far less than minimum wage in most of the countries visitors are from. The beach is probably the most lacking area of the resort. They try to maintain it but it is hurricane season, lots of seaweed washes up on shore and is removed daily but it’s there. We knew this coming in and spent the majority of our time poolside. Also thanks to Israel the bellhop who remembered our names every day and made sure we were looked after every time we needed to go somewhere. Very good stay and a destination we would consider returning to.

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