If you're looking for a Mexican getaway that's serene and cultured but won't leave your photos flooded with tourists, your solution lies in Loreto. Modestly beautiful, the low-key and historic vibe of Loreto presents vacationers with the opportunities of a resort city without the resort crowds. With the airport being walking distance to the beach, your trip will be nothing but easy.

Loreto runs along the Sea of Cortez on the east coast of the Baja California peninsula. Its humid climate means the beach will be your number-one priority – the perfect mindset for hopping across the Coronado Islands.

A unique mix of sea and desert merge to present cactus ranges and the Sierra de la Giganta mountains with white-sand beaches. Visitors will find a view of the azure-blue sea falling against the vibrant green of the peninsula, with rustic rocks topping things off. It's the best kind of place to go get lost (as long as you remember your water bottle).

Loreto offers endless activities that'll keep both the beach bum and adventurer in your party occupied. You can choose from kayak excursions, biking through the mountains, snorkelling in Loreto Bay or marvelling at grey whales passing, which visit Del Carmen Island every winter.

For down time, you can stroll through tranquil streets that weave past ancient buildings, all under a watercolour sunset. Squeeze a few adventures into one day or simply keep working on those tan lines – any experience will feel like it was crafted just for you.

The islands around Loreto house aquatic life that makes the area one of Mother Nature's best aquariums. Loreto Bay National Marine Park was created to preserve the area. Rid of large fishing boats, access to sell catches is granted only to local fishermen, making this national park the reason for Loreto being Mexico's sport-fishing hotspot.

If you'd like to sightsee, Loreto's rich history has resulted in a feast for the eyes. The site of Mission of our Lady Loreto hosts several historic monuments from the days of colonization and is a popular but subtle reminder of the region's past. Trekking inland reveals another historic gem: the massive cave paintings of Baja California's indigenous peoples.

Like a preserved antique, Loreto has an exotic culture that's perfectly rough around its edges. Unwrap the understated adventure this city has in store to discover what just might be your perfect vacation.

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Destination basics

Loreto's desert climate ensures vacationers will be greeted by warm weather all year 'round. Heat and humidity remain constant, with the hottest months coming in the summer. Travellers can expect steady sunshine with few chances of rain or wind.

Loreto's hottest season is between June and October. During this time, temperatures average around 34C with high humidity. Spring and winter bring moderate temperatures, wavering between 24C and 31C.

Months boasting possible chances of wind lie between January and March and the highest chances of rain are in August and September. Weather conditions like these come in sparse doses, only on occasion.

Despite the majority of heat-induced weather that visitors will find in Loreto, it should be noted Pacific hurricane season runs from June to November.

Average monthly temperature and average monthly rainfall diagrams for Loreto

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