Tamarindo Diria Beach & Golf Resort

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    Nice hotel

    Reviewed by Shushush(Tel Aviv) on Dec 08, 2019

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    The location is great, in front of the ocean and the hotel surrounded with a lot of bars and restaurants. But our room was far away from the reception, we had to cross the street and walk few minutes in a big complex of building and pools. So if you don't book ocean view room take in account it's not view only, your room is not in front of the ocean. Breakfast was good. The constructions didn't affect us, it's only in the ocean view area. The room was very old and need update. The garden looks nice. And the view from the restaurant is beautiful.


    Reviewed by cazfoster72(Crawley, United Kingdom) on Dec 05, 2019

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    Have just arrived home from this hotel. It was under construction which was not made clear to us. Only found out after reading it on the website on the way here. This was very clearly planned maintenance as it was done in low season and had a time frame to be completed by 1st December which went over schedule. We left on the 2nd and it was still under construction. It was a little bit of a H&S nightmare for customers and I imagine the hotel itself. I’m very pleased we were in the adult only section which was across the road, we heard nothing of this maintenance until we went to the restaurant for breakfast. I imagine this has now been completed ready for high season to start. In terms of the rooms, they were lovely, spacious, and very clean. Breakfast was different most days and was adequate with a large selection including pancakes and waffles which were lovely. Fresh omelette/egg station and fresh pancake station. Great coffee. Hotel had four pools which I saw, there may have been more but I didn’t see them. The two pools across the road were by far bigger and better. Those two had swim up pool bars. Lovely staff, helpful, didn’t seem phased by the hotel construction going on. Very relaxed in terms of who uses what facility. We paid extra to be in adults only pool however everyone would come over and use it and the staff said there was no way of knowing who was allowed to use it and who wasn’t. I would come here again, I wouldn’t pay the extra but just use the pool anyway. And I would still come in low season even through there is chance of more maintenance being carried out, as it was very relaxing and peaceful. Tamarindo Diria was by far the biggest hotel we saw and dominated a lot of the beach road. Very lovely place.

    Hammer drills and scaffold

    Reviewed by steventK3366NH(Bromsgrove, United Kingdom) on Dec 03, 2019

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    Arrived here today and extremely disappointed to find a building site for a reception. Room is great (as it’s over the road) and away from the disruption, but was a bit disappointed to see the famous beautiful sunset tonight was accompanied by the sound of hammer drills - recommend elsewhere for a couple of weeks!

    Still the best hotel - even under comstruction

    Reviewed by susansB477VT() on Nov 26, 2019

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    This is my second stay at the Diria - in association with Costa Rica SUP Adventures run by Marco Salazar. I LOVE the Diria... staff has always more than accommodated my every need, the breakfast is outstanding, the staff are so caring, and the location (on the beach and close to everything) is incredible. Yes, the construction was something to be navigated but, this is the oldest hotel in Tamarindo! I feel the hotel was doing everything possible to make it nice for guests while they make improvements. I asked to be moved across the street to another room - it was no problem. The Diria has beautiful grounds, amazing pools, good food, wonderful staff, great safety. I definitely come to Tamarindo for SUP training with Marco but, I cannot imagine staying any other place than the Diria. It’s a beautiful resort, the staff are impeccable, and it has a history - one of the first hotels in Tamarindo. I highly recommend this hotel and, personally, would be sad to stay elsewhere when I return.

    The most unfriendly hotel I have ever visited.

    Reviewed by Aplmustdie() on Nov 22, 2019

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    We arrived for a two day stay. First the hotel is under construction. The inconvenience and noise is abysmal. They said we would be comped for the inconvenience of $20 a night at there bar. After our experience, I won't be using any of their services except to check out, including thr bar. All guests are required to wear plastic bracelets at all times. Much like attending a kegger party in collage. I'd hate to see how filthy the bracelet would get after a week or two, discusting. We also had friends meet us at the hotel. We politely asked if there was any way our friends could join us in the pool. The answer was simply NO! Most hotels offer friends to join you in the pool for a fee, apparently not with this hotel. So we wound up swimming in the ocean at night. A security guard was posted to watch our friends and harass them. After swimming, my friends wife asked if she could rince off in our shower. A security guard all but tackled her when she tried to enter the room with my wife. Apparently, guests cannot go in your room. The same happened when she tried to use the restroom. This hotel is the worst hotel we have visited in Costa Rica. My advice is to find a better hotel. The funny thing though, when my friends bought drinks and food, the hotel was glad to take their money.