Iberostar Bella Costa

3.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 3 and 4 stars. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Disgusting accommodations

    Reviewed by hungryguys1234(Barrie, Canada) on Oct 09, 2019

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    Where do I start.... first of all stear clear of this resort and the bungalow rooms there the equivalent of an abandoned home here in Ontario utterly disgusting, electrical outlets hanging out of the walls black mold everywhere in the room tape still on windows 2 years after hurricane and this was the second room we where given, beds where like sleeping on box spring beds there's to much to list about the bungalow room and did I mention there where 5 of us at a cost of $7,300 Canadian highly recommended by selloff vacations as a 4 star resort the resort it self was dirty ex: no toilet paper anywhere on the resort you had to carry a roll with you from your room which also limited to to rolls per room (5 people) there was NO! Hand soap in any washroom in the resort making us wonder what the food handlers where using before handling the food all in all there's much more to tell about the disgusting accommodations but please steer clear of this resort and what selloff vacations & Airtransat are trying to sell you hope this helps we are now in court over this vacation for Christmas supposedly the happiest time of year to get our money back.????

    A magical week!

    Reviewed by Chantale C() on Oct 06, 2019

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    We traveled to the Iberostar Bella Costa, Varadero, Cuba from August 3th to the 10th 2019. It was an amazing week with wonderful people attending to our every needs and making sure that our stay with them was magical. Yes! We are talking about the staff! These people wear their hearts on their sleeves…they are soooo kind. Here they are: Pool Bar Bartenders that quench your thirst : Cuquito, Maikel, Miguel, Alexis, Alexis (Bar Lobby). Special thanks to Marlene for the light and Hugs ad kisses to Irina (for our spotless villa) and her family. Jorge always working so hard, with a smile, no matter how hot it is! A special Hug to Arelys…We miss you, but will see you soon! Abrahan, & Yuni thank-you for your amazing service. Sandro, Roxana who speaks excellent French! Julio, for holding up the fort…It’s always a pleasure to see you! Two wonderful musicians! Lorenzo & Luis. Thank-you 4 letting me share with you! You are 2 exceptional musicians! Magalie: She welcomes you like family and makes you feel at Home! Haydelis & Yerania : They Master the Guest Service domain! Thank-you so, so, much! And of course, Mr. César. A man of class with very little sleep! With Love, Marc & Chantale, Montréal

    Save your money

    Reviewed by bigredmike(Hamilton, Canada) on Oct 06, 2019

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    Dont be fooled about what they offer, no stocked fridge, no pool, no beach service, no entertainment, no 24 hour service. Every thing closes at 11. Room old, 2 towels per room with 3 people. Mold in our room, no tv service, ants and gecko living in our room. Linen old and stained. Stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes with no air conditioning. No coffee or tea in room, coffee maker dirty. No activities for children. Kids activity hut closed most of the time. We all became sick for last 3 days. No air conditioning throughout the hotel except your room. We were informed about some renovations but not having what is written is not acceptable. Wait staff excellent with what they have to work with. We would never go back.

    Don’t Expect Too Much

    Reviewed by Astrokeener(Keene, Canada) on Oct 05, 2019

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    Not quite what we expected for an all inclusive resort. Getting little tired and could use some repairs and updates, but it fit the bill for a cheap, quick getaway. Cuba S not known for the food and this location did not disappoint. Most meats were over cooked and heavily salted, but there was enough variety that we could find things to eat every meal. The beach is great and people lovely and the weather was a pleasant surprise, given the start of hurricane season. Lots of sun and heat units to be soaked up. Good location for a day tour of Havana too. Well worth the time and money. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.

    The hotel itself could be a 3star but...

    Reviewed by TristanD56(Morin Heights, Canada) on Oct 03, 2019

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    I do understand that we were traveling to cuba while low season. I was not expecting the hotel to be at its best. The buffet was okay consider it was cuba. The restaurant ‘a la carte’ were terrible. I tried Italien and cuban, both were awful. Food was not fresh and im pretty sure my wife got food poison from the fish. When mayi-mayin taste like old tuna, theres something fishy. Room were worth a 3stars. Mattresses where really confortable. The roof was kinda falling appart but the AC was fully functional. On day 2 they closed the pool on us for renovation. We had to walk to the next hotel to enjoyed some poolside time. It was an inconvenience and they should of let us know prior. This was a bad surprise, by the way construction will be up till mid October 2019. They did not offer any kind of compensation. Ohh but the rum was great.