Knutsford Court Hotel

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Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Need Serious renovation

    Reviewed by RB_Rana(George Town, Grand Cayman) on Jul 09, 2019

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    I was on business trip.. client booked a 2 bedroom suits. Checked in.. and found that unit was smelling and AC was not working, AC ducts was full of dust, none of the phone was working.. It was very old.. Not worth what you pay.. Addressed the same and manager on duty tried her best but as mentioned it is very old.. I asked my client and they moved me to another hotel. I have some photos for reference. The photos on the site is very old and is not matching what they have now..

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    Cough Suppressant and Chest X-ray

    Reviewed by 812aussiejewel(New York City, New York) on Jun 05, 2019

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    Although I understand the nature of any Hotel establishment is to generate revenue (especially in Jamaica’s present economic downturn) and remain profitable I find it quite distressing and bothersome at how the quality at the Knutsford Court has eroded within one year’s timeframe. I patronized the hotel in 2018 during the CARNIVAL festivities and had a rather pleasant stay. Fast forward to 2019, I do not have words to express my disappointment. Restaurant: You served guests stew cabbage on the breakfast buffet and I must say I truly did not believe my eyes. When ordering off the menu...while the food items may have been arranged nicely on my plate I hardly enjoyed the inedible pieces of oxtail at dinner and the overly salty cured codfish at breakfast. I had a lovely (expensive) fruit punch in 2018 at the restaurant when I attempted to have the same beverage this go around I was told there is a shortage of fruits. “No fruits” ?? I went back up to my room and observed from my balcony...the juicy mangoes hanging from their branch....ripe for the picking.... Please try to understand my confusion. No fruits on a tropical tourist all should’ve prepared a better response in the staff meeting! Room: Upon checking into the room I was greeted by 2 faded brown stains on the bed linens (see attached) for which I promptly reported to the front desk. There is mold and mildew in every corner of the bathrooms. Additionally, the a/c units do not appear to be properly maintained, the filters are filthy and unfortunately this combination of lapse in upkeep earned me a visit to the doctor upon my return to the states. The cough became so uncontrollable and violent I was referred for a chest X-ray. Who will cover my medical expenses? Who will reimburse me? Transportation: ??This seems like a friends and family network but what do I know????? What I observed is the sign advertising for JUTA...this essentially meant if you wanted a consistent level of service you may use JUTA approved transport and the expectation is you will pay a premium rate $$$$$ and more than likely be expected to pay in US Dollar.?? Staff: The night auditor should seek a new line of work if he is so easily annoyed by hotel patrons, you want to give me your useless 20 dollar coins but refuse to accept 4 US .25 cent pieces. You want to look me in my face and tell me your banks will not accept 4 quarters? What a joke! The biggest joke is pricing items in US dollars...Is your local currency JD or USD? Are you an American hotel franchise? Are you located in a US territory or Jamaica W.I.? Please tell me because the manner in which the USD is demanded currency exchanges manipulated one would be led to believe there is a worshipping of the US dollar going on. As I stated directly to your staff (in hopes they would relay the message to your stakeholders) if you want US currency so badly..come up and work for it, come deal with everyday life in the US of A! This was my 2nd and last stay at the Knutsford Court. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! I will not return for a 3rd experience.

    A superb hotel with the friendliest staff I have encountered in a long time

    Reviewed by BASW5London_UK(Jamaica) on Jun 05, 2019

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    Rooms and facilities were as seen on the website, beautifully manicured gardens, superb and varied breakfast, a nice lunch too. I was very happy with my room and its facilities and it was great to stay in a locally owned hotel and not a chain hotel - which I normally do. However, what stood out most was the professionalism, humor, helpfulness, and friendliness of all the staff that I encountered. They are a credit to the hotel and if my travels take me back to Kingston, I would have no hesitation staying there again. A complete gem of a place.Thank you to everyone there who contributed to a very pleasant stay.


    Reviewed by jogoch(Miami, United States) on May 28, 2019

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    Knutsford Court hotel review I waited a few weeks to let my emotions subside and I still feel strongly that this hotel stay not only ruined my vacation but my opinion of Kingston. Hidden charges: one notable example is after eating at the restaurant the waitress came to our room and said that the credit card we had on hold at the front desk was only valid for room service. What?! Then she tried to have my husband sign a new receipt stating that she threw the first one away. I kicked her out of the room and told her to go find it. Approximately 10 minutes later the manager calls me and apologizes and was talking mostly about his concern about the reputation of the hotel. To me that seemed more important to him than our satisfaction. With regard to hidden charges, the manager stated that the hotel uses two transaction rates, one for exchanging Jamaican dollars to US dollars and another for the restaurant. I asked why was this not posted publicly and he said I brought up a good point. I have never heard of a hotel using two different exchange rates. Room interior: the rooms at first parents appear clean however they smell damp. And there were spots of mold inside the bathroom. The AC unit was not consistent. It needed a new filter and every morning I woke up with a stuffy nose. Exterior: There is no elevator. The hotel is not wheelchair accessible. Even for the rooms on the ground floor there was a step to get to the room. Restaurant: Honestly this was our biggest issue of the hotel. On the very first night we ordered off of the special menu. We ordered the veggie burger and the shrimp burger. It took well over an hour to get our food and when it did arrive it was cold. Add to that the side order advertised in the menu was not given to us but a substitute instead without any prior communication. Management: it was quite apparent that management was missing during our stay and on the Monday after Jamaica carnival they were walking around with their badges. It left the impression that they did not want to be seen by guests. Communication: Or should I say lack there of. One of the days of our stay there was a loud construction noise without any previous warning that it would take place. It was quite inconsiderate because it prevented us from sleeping in. Tipping: Tipping in any country is voluntary and is for exceptional service. Therefore it felt insulting to be coerced into a tip by a waiter who brought us food to our room. He even had the audacity to say that when converting from US to Jamaica dollars everything is rounded up and no change is given. This was not our first time in Jamaica and we felt like it was a scam. Transportation: There is a sign at the front desk that the hotel uses JUTA services. However we went to inquire about a driver from the security guard and the person who came to pick us up did not have an official taxi license plate nor uniform. It leads one to wonder whether workers are giving business to friends and family who are not licensed taxi drivers. Overall we thought that we were robbed without a gun. We have absolutely no desire to return to Kingston and if we did we most certainly would not stay at Knutsford Court.

    Carnival Stay

    Reviewed by Passenger524273() on May 07, 2019

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    I would like to send much love to the entire staff over at the Knutsford Court Hotel. My second stay was amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and courteous from front desk to housekeeping to the restaurant staff. Big up Kimani and Ms. Hutchinson, you’re an amazing asset. I would especially like to thank Sonette, who in every instance of my countless demands, lol, went above an beyond to make sure my stay was comfortable. Especially at night when I was too sick to walk to the restaurant for tea, she went out of her way to assist me. MUCH LOVE!

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